Amazing Storage Designs Glitch & Non Glitch - No Man's Sky Tutorial - NMS Update - NMS Scottish Rod (2023)


Amazing Storage Designs Glitch & Non Glitch - No Man's Sky Tutorial - NMS Update - NMS Scottish Rod

Beginners Guide To Advanced Building -

Banjo’s Wire Glitch
PS - ▲ + R2
Xbox - Y + RT
PC - Q + Left Mouse

Beeble’s Reverse Wire Glitch
PS - ▲ + R2
Xbox - Y + RT
PC - Q + Left Mouse

Adjacency Glitch
PS - L2 + R2
Xbox - LT + RT
PC - E + Left Mouse

Cache Glitch (Universal Adjacency)
PS - ▲ + ◼︎
Xbox - Y + X
PC - Q + C

Followed by…
Beeble’s Reverse Wire Glitch
PS - ▲ + R2
Xbox - Y + RT
PC - Q + Left Mouse

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Hello word here today: I've got some no man's sky stories, designs, starting with non-glitch ones, followed by some glitch ones and ending with some tiny ones, as you can see from the footage running right now, these glitch ones take a lot less space in your base and the circular ones coming into view now have been dropped, the short wall, so you can't see the connectors at the bottom.

So, let's start with the non-glitch version.

It's an alloy shock wall, then alloy floor panel, followed by an alloy triangle, making sure to place the triangles.

The way I'm doing right now, because we're going to need the pattern to follow later place that floor panel.

So we can offset the triangles, thereby making a circle of triangles.

That's our circle of triangles, with all the triangles facing the correct direction.

Let's start placing our alloy floor panels.

Now we've created a non-glitch circle.

Let's select the storage container switch to free place to place.

The storage containers use the pattern below to line it up correctly, also using the edge and the sides of the storage container to align it all correctly and as you'll notice.

I'm doing it from above to get the perfect view be back when I finish this lot as there's only 10 storage containers, I've simply free place.

This collected terminal to fill in the gap and finally, let's put some stone floor down.

So we can hide the bottom of the storage containers and there you go your first set up.

Let's do another non-glitch version, it's the reverse, the one we just did, but we're still using the pattern below, but this time probably take a little bit more time and patience lining things up and, like the previous one make sure got free place, turned on no need for a galactic terminal.

Let's start placing down the floor panels.

I like this one because it's all facing inwards and you can access each storage containers incredibly quickly.

Let's move on to our first glitched one select the power.

Inverter use the pattern on the floor panels to line things up, rotate that power inverter, so the middle connector is facing outwards and, as you can see, that flow panel isn't in the correct position.

Let's change that place, that power inverter with the middle connector facing outwards.

Now, let's select the storage container, go into the y menu move, your cursor to the connector point and now hit wire and place at precisely the same time and, very importantly, remember to select the next storage container, because if you don't do that, you can have the same storage container in every single connector.

Unless you want to do that, and you want to have the same storage container over and over again, because you want to have some base built of storage containers, because this would be a good way of doing it.

At this point, if you decided you want to have it a little bit tighter following the pattern in the flow panels, you can now move the pillows closer to each other and a quick reminder.

Select item go into the wire menu place, the cursor on the connector point and hit wire and place at the same time.

This setup is only for eight storage containers.

If you want to have all ten you're, gonna have to have another set of power inverters and a lot of fiddling to get the spacing correct, and this is how it all looks at the end: lovely merged.


Let's move on to the glitch circle versions, we'll start with scaffolding our triangles in a circle again when that is complete, we're going to select the small raised, paver place them like I'm doing right now now attach concrete floors to the raised small pavers now select the large planter and place that, on top of the floor panels, when the large planters are all in place, we're going to use the same glitch as we used earlier banjo's wire glitch, which is select an item going into the wire menu, putting the cursor on the connector point and like before, hitting the wire and the place button at the same time and also remember to select the next storage container along or you have the same one all the way around now the storage containers are in place.

Let's delete the large planters place the floor stone panels, as you can see from this one.

It might take a lot more effort, but it is precise and exact all the way around.

As you can see, I made another circle, but this time delete the triangles in the middle, but this time replace them with large floor panels making sure they snap to the correct points once that's done, select the large planter and have fun trying to get them to snap in the center of the circle, but to make life easier, just look for any inconsistencies in the pattern that it will create at the end, when doing banjos y glitch make sure you pick in the connector that's facing towards the camera, things might get a little bit confusing because of all the connector points.

Just take your time.

You'll get them, do it might connect falsely because of all the connector points just back out- and this is what I mean when it gets a little bit confusing.

Take your time, I'm placing a galactic terminal, but because your collection, you can actually fill it all in with storage containers.

Yes, some will be doubles, but it will look good and yeah.

That's the pattern I was talking about earlier.

Really is quite interesting pattern.

It makes there let's place some stone floor panels and, if you're, having some snap point issues just go underneath and there you go the perfect circle of storage containers.

And finally, let's move on to the last one: let's shrink down some base items.

If you want to go in the other direction, you just make it bigger and, as you can see, I'm using the draws, I'm just going to throw down a table and a shelf for demonstration purposes, we're going to select the storage container and then we're going to hit the toggle and wire button at the same time and then you're going to hit the duplicate button when the cursor is over trunk draws, then move it to the shelves.

The way this glitch takes a lot of practice and is quite difficult to master and when you have it in position, hit wire and place button at the same time, let's go through that again select the item hit the toggle and wire buttons at the same time duplicate the shrunken item once in place hit the wire and place button.

At the same time as I go through a thud tag, you may have noticed the items are floating.

There is a reason for that I'll get to it in a minute, I'm going to shrink down some canisters one.

On top, when I delete that flow panel, it's got rid of the one underneath I'm going to duplicate a couple of canisters put them on top for now, because there is a reason why I have them floating when I copy them from the pile place it on the table.

Most everything stays in place, a side note, snaps undo the scale glitch so tongue snap off.

If you can and carefully place it once you've got a few down, you can move them afterwards, but there is a little issue, as you can see, when I moved that one, the floor panel is slightly highlighted and when you watch what happens when I place it, the blue panel, on the left hand, side has disappeared.

That is why I had the shrunken items floating.

Let's put that flow panel back and let's have a look at the shrunken storage containers.

Those look quite sweet.

I hope you found this and all the other ideas useful.

I hope you liked the video and if you did hit that like and subscribe button or on the bell, thingy and of course thank you for watching, see you all later.


Where is the storage container blueprint in no man's sky? ›

Storage Container 0's blueprint is the first blueprint uncovered by the Base Computer after the player reaches a certain point in the Artemis Path and begins the Base Computer Archives quest. The blueprints for storage containers 1-9 are given by the Overseer early on in the advanced base-building quest.

How do you make a portal in no mans sky? ›

Select 'Locate a Portal' to mark one on your map. Fly over to it and approach its front side. From here, you will need to charge each of the 16 Glyphs with common elements like Copper, Di-Hydrogen and Sodium. The Portal will activate once you've charged all of them.

What is the rarest creature in nms? ›

Rangifae are considered one of the rarest land fauna in the game, with only a 0.25% chance to be found on a planet.

Can you be banned for duping in NMS? ›

You are safe to do whatever you want if it doesn't interfere with other players.

What happens if you fly into a black hole in NMS? ›

In No Man's Sky, black holes act as portals, often referred to as shortcuts. Going through a black hole will move the character to a random star system closer to the center of the Galactic Map.

How far can wires go in NMS? ›

A glowing green ball will indicate the end of the wires you are putting in place. The maximum length electrical wiring can be is 200u.

How much space does no man's sky take? ›

Storage: 15 GB available space.

Where can I find antimatter housing? ›

Source. Antimatter Housing can be purchased at Galactic Trade Terminals and Planetary Technology Merchants.

Does every planet have a Portal in no man's sky? ›

Just one No Man's Sky Portal exists on every planet and moon in the game. Yet each of them can open you up to a wide range of possibilities. If you build just one base next to a Portal, for instance, you can use that spot as a hub to travel between other Portal locations.

Where is the alien Portal in NMS? ›

The large, black altars are the intended method of locating a nearby Portal. Finding a Monolith is fairly easy. If you have the resources, they can be located using the Signal Booster upgrade for an Exocraft. Simply select the Alien Structure option when using the scanner from the quick menu.

Can you build a Portal on your freighter? ›

An equivalent of teleporter, Teleport Chamber may be built inside your Freighter, and it allows a bydirectional travel from and to your Freighter. The teleporter must be powered in order to function. It consume 20Kp of power.

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