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All you can eat Cobble!!!
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Hello humans and welcome back to another episode of all the mod 7 to the sky.

Today we are going to be working on doing an auto cobblestone generator, because your girl needs a lot of cobblestone uh, but first off we are going to take this um we're going to take this ground and bring it all the way down to the last layer.

So we have dirt to work with, because that is important and you know what I realized.

I did a little bit of play on a server off screen.

Just that way I kind of knew what was going on, because I'm not very mod friendly, sometimes- and I realized I could have been doing this- the whole time just get pebbles it's given to you for free without having to sift dirt.

So I've realized my error and do not you worry fabulous people.

We will be using this from now on to get all our stone, not sifting dirt.

This actually gives us a lot more than if it's if we had sifted dirt, but it's fine, it's fine, but yeah.

So, let's just see the chest and then get started on getting this dirt down to ground level, yeah.

So, just first off we gotta take down our trees.

That's very important.

Take down all the saplings grab, all the flowers, because we're gonna need flowers later on.

Oh well, hello, there darkness! Oh, I can also make a bed.

Let's do that and we have a nice little bed.

So we can sleep through the night.

We love to see it all right and we're going to capture this water, real quick.

So that way we have a camera right here and we can grab all this dirt and something that I'm also doing just to make sure that I'm not at the wrong level, because it's about three down um, so I only want to take two layers of dirt- is I am putting on the third layer slabs, so that way they don't the dirt on the edges doesn't just go falling because that would be very bad news bears plus it adds a little bit of space for us.

Oh there goes that alright, so we have cleaned out this whole area.

We have some grass, but we have mostly dirt over.


Is our water right here you can see uh we're gonna end up moving that water to our farm area, I'm thinking of putting it over here, um yeah! Let's put this bucket down this barrel down somewhere.

It'll be good right.

Here I think, is good and then sift, let's put a cat out of the way, let's put it over here for right now: oh no! No, let's put it right here and then we need the flip mesh and the stream mesh.

Do I have any more flint.

I have three flint, so I'm halfway to making another flint, so let's grab some stone and make some and then let's make some stone and turn it into gravel, so we can zip it and down with the patriarchy all right now we just sift sifting, sifting, sifting, we are always sifting.

Oh, we have enough for a second let's mesh through that.

Let's take out this string mesh this back down here, grab the other three flint and make a another flip mesh progress.

Now, if you're wondering watson, why are you upgrading your meshes? It doesn't seem to do much well, it does actually increase the likelihood of getting iron and we need a lot of iron to get started.

So this is cool.


We didn't get an iron piece, that's really good! All right, we'll tune back when I have enough iron to make a bucket and then we'll make our farm all right.

Humans, you'll, never guess what I've done iron! Oh my gosh! We have enough to make a bucket, which means we have enough to make our uh farm area and once the three are done since we're cool, we can do eight items, I'm going to start it on the oak logs.

So that way we have pretty much infinite charcoal! That's the word! That's where I can say words, steak awesome! So now we have enough for a bucket.

Let's actually put this right here and let's make a bucket one, two, three, all right! So now I got this water and what I'm going to do is I'm actually going to take some dirt and I'm going to make a 9x9 area.

That's what I'm gonna! Do I'm also going to make a quick trap door that way we can water log the trap door, all right perfect? We have made a farm.

Yes, oh I love to see it might as well just make this into gravel, while I'm at it um not what I meant to move at all perfect all right.

So now we have a farm, and now we have to make a tool there's a mod that there's a currently quest line for, but is perfect for this awesome um.

Let's make a crafting station put the table in a pattern.

Okay, so let's take this who's that that was sussy and I find crafting stations are better than just a regular crafting table because you can keep stuff in the crafting station.

So I remember what I'm doing, which really is a major win for me cool.

So I have a crafting station and it's has stuff in the furnace and stuff, but we can eventually add a chest here and then it'll say chest or I'm just here.

I guess, and then it'll say chest and it'll have all the stuff in the chest that we can use in the crafting station extremely helpful.

Speaking of let's check out what quests we've completed.

Oh yay, we need a furnace.

We got scrambled eggs.

How sweet three one two one! Two take your station perfect.

What about this heart builder? That's important, two patterns to that we can make that and I think that's what we need.

So the two things we're going to want from the tinker station is we're going to want the pickaxe, because it's a versatile mining tool and then we're also going to want wait.

Oh sorry, this is the pickaxe we want and we're going to want them to talk, because this is a versatile farming tool and we want farming stuff.

So these are the two we're going to want, and that means we're going to have to build the parts over here.

So now we have the perfect tool for farming, the perfect tool for mining.

The first thing: we're gonna, do oh wrong tool.

I was like why is this not working awesome and then this area is going to be one of the tree areas and then over here is going to be another tree area.

Oh oopsie, daisy awesome! So let's grab the saplings acacia dark oak jungle, spruce and then we'll add more as we get oh and birch and a lot more as we get more and then over here is going to be oak all right guys.

We have made some progress humans.

First of all, we have an oak crucible right here.

I use that to make water to make an embedded water source.

We also have a wonderful oak barrel right here, the one we had before and that is filled with water and actually I just realized- I do have some mycelium spores, so I can put that and my ceiling spores now.

This is going to turn into which water, and that means we can get a soul, stand to be able to uh get nether quartz in the future.

Um, I'm also going to make another oak barrel and a little bit and that's going to be the one with regular water in it.

So we can make things like clay uh.

Speaking of let's check our quest log, hey we got clay awesome.

What else? That's it awesome? So we have four sifters.

Now we have infinite water.

We have a farm that is growing beautifully.

We have trees that are growing.

Look at all these trees.

We got bamboo and we got this beautiful thing right here.

We have a fired crucible that is filling itself currently with lava.

Once we have lava, we can make our um auto cobblestone farm.

I'm really excited about this check out this mickey mouse platform.

By the way I I love it, the uh granite and the andesite both these from the stone cutter they're from the create mod, and I love the continuity with this anti-sight block.

I mean look at that and then the small bricks, just they look so cool.

I love.

I love the create mod.

It's honestly such a great mod um.

Let's fix my pickaxe real quick.

Actually there we go um yeah.

So the next thing we're gonna do is we're gonna, wait for that lava and then we're going to build the uh, auto cobblestone generator in the meantime, I'll just do some things probably sift some dirt to get some sugar cane because we need to start sugarcane soon.

Otherwise, it's going to take forever to get paper um, but yeah.

I will check back in with you guys when I start building the uh cobblestone generator sure.

Can we got sugar cane.

It was like the last four um dirt that I had in my inventory because I had 12.

So it was like third time third time's a charm, I'm telling you sugarcane all right.

Let's build this uh we have some lava.

Did I not grab the lava? I didn't grab the lava.

What a noob there we go now we're gonna! Take this lava! Oh I don't have.

Oh it's fine! It's fine um, take this lava and we are going to build the generator.

Let's go all right, so we have finished this auto cobblestone maker.

We got the lava.

We got the water, we got a lot of wood, that's probably dangerous um, but now you know what I realized.

This is a safety hazard.

There we go all right, but now, if we main mine the cobble we get gravel.

Sometimes it's not foolproof, but we do get some.

It's not like we're wasting our resources see now we have 54 gravel that we can sift.

But anyway, that is going to be the end of today's episode.


I hope you all really enjoyed it um.

We made a lot of progress and next episode is going to be epic.

We may even just get into some of the tech mods hmm.

I will see you guys in the next episode and I have a wonderful day bye.



What mod adds cobblestone generators? ›

The Cobblestone Generator is a machine added by Tiny Progressions.

How do you install Sky Factory 4 on Minecraft? ›

How to install SkyFactory 4?
  1. Download and install the launcher: Launcher Twitch / Curse.
  2. Run the launcher.
  3. Click Mods .
  4. Search for the modpack SkyFactory 4 .
  5. Select the version of SkyFactory 4 that is matching the server version where you want to connect and install it.

How do you get super fast in Skyblock? ›

Players have a base ✦ Speed of 100 by default. It can be increased by: Leveling Wolf Slayer. Holding more Accessories.

Is Hypixel a Skyblock? ›

Hypixel Skyblock is a Minecraft massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) created by the Hypixel team, and released on June 11th, 2019. Hypixel Skyblock usually gets around 15,000-30,000 players online at one time.

Why does my cobblestone generator keep making obsidian? ›

When producing cobblestone, one must be careful not to let the flowing water touch the lava source block. Doing so destroys the lava source, converting it into obsidian. A basic understanding of fluids is helpful to prevent this.

How do you make a big cobblestone generator? ›

How to Make a Cobblestone Generator in Minecraft
  1. Step 1: Dig a Trench. Dig a Trench that looks like the one shown, you should dig out the blocks marked in red.
  2. Step 2: Add Water. Add water to the block marked in blue. ...
  3. Step 3: Add Lava. ...
  4. Step 4: Start Mining!

How do you upgrade cobblestone? ›

Cobblestone Blocks can be upgraded to Concrete Blocks with 10 Concrete Mix.

Can cobblestone naturally spawn? ›

Natural generation

Cobblestone occurs naturally in dungeons, jungle pyramids, pillager outposts, ocean ruins, strongholds, plains, taiga and snowy plains villages, woodland mansions, and trail ruins.

Can TNT destroy obsidian? ›

Obsidian is used to make a safe house, since it's immune to TNT and Creepers.

How do you make obsidian into crying obsidian? ›

There is no way to convert normal obsidian into crying obsidian.

Is there a sky city in Minecraft? ›

Location. The Sky City is a city floating in the sky. The exact location of the Sky City, however, is unknown (other than the fact that it is located high above an Overworld).

Is there a portal to Sky City in Minecraft? ›

The Sky City Portal is not available in Minecraft, making it exclusive to Minecraft: Story Mode. The second Sky City Portal actually leads to The Portal Network. Jesse, Petra, Lukas, and Ivor assumed that it lead to back to the Overworld.

How do I open Sky Factory 4? ›

Head to the Apex Server Panel and stop your server. Locate the JAR File section part of the page. In the Jar Selection, scroll until you find “SkyFactory 4” or search it in the search bar. Click “SkyFactory 4”, generate a new world when prompted, then restart the server.

Who made Skyfactory? ›

Sky Factory 4 is a modpack – a pack of Minecraft Java edition mods carefully designed and configured to work together, and is available through the Twitch launcher. It was created by prolific modpack-maker Darkosto, working with Bacon_Donut, who put together the original Sky Factory back in 2014.

What is Sky Factory? ›

Sky Factory, a fine art and digital technology company, creates biophilic illusions of nature™, virtual skylights and windows, that create a palpable feeling of expansion in enclosed interiors.

Is there a way to auto mine cobblestone? ›

  1. Start with this:
  2. Place water to the far right:
  3. Then place lava to the far left:
  4. It should automatically make a cobblestone block. You can just destroy the cobblestone and a new block will be generated.

Does TNT turn stone into cobblestone? ›

You can manually place the stone, TNT and blow it up. Not very efficient and rather costly. You can bait a creeper into detonating it - most will be destroyed but you'll gain a couple blocks. Or if you feel daring, you can bait a Wither into breaking as much stone into cobble as you like.

How do you make a cobblestone generator without burning it? ›

Placing a non-flammable block over the lava helps prevent the cobblestone item from being destroyed by the lava when you mine it, as well as keep you from falling into it. Adding pistons can let a generator extrude a whole line of blocks, safely away from the lava and easily mined as a batch.

What is the simplest automatic farm in Minecraft? ›

An automated cow farm is really quite simple and will require an observer as well as some dispensers, lava, and hoppers. It takes very little space as well and allows you to quickly and easily breed the cows, then wait approximately ten minutes before cooking them with lava.

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