How To Reset Sky Q Box – The Quick & Easy Method (2023)

How To Reset Sky Q Box –The Quick & Easy Method (1) Pin

If you’re having issues with your Sky Q box, one of the quickest ways to fix things is by resetting the system. Here’s how you reset your Sky Q box properly to fix any potential issues…

Launched in 2016, Sky Q has been widely received as one of the best major updates to the Sky platform in living memory. Sky Q is faster, easier to use, comes with a new remote, new connectivity and sharing options, even more storage and support for 4K Ultra HD.

These are all good things. They are also why Sky Q has grown massively since 2016, securing itself millions of new users. But Sky Q is a tech product, and, like all tech products, it can have its moments. Things can and do go wrong. And there’s no way to avoid these gremlins, sadly.

But having the right tools ready for when your Sky Q box does go on fritz will ensure that you can quickly troubleshoot the problem and get back to what you were trying to watch. And these tools involve restarting your Sky Q box, resetting your Sky Q box, knowing what the lights mean on your Sky Q box, and performing a factory reset on your Sky Q box –we’ll cover each of these things below.

As always, one of the quickest and most efficient ways to fix ANYTHING is to switch the device off and on again –this will clear the device’s memory and cache banks, potentially removing the offending issue as a result. If that fails, you may need to restart or reset the system. First, let’s get some Sky Q troubleshooting best practices out of the way first…

Sky Q Troubleshooting: Things To Try Before Resetting Sky Q Box…

How To Reset Sky Q Box –The Quick & Easy Method (2) Pin

First things first, don’t just go nuclear and perform a factory reset on your Sky Q box every time it acts a little squiffy –this is completely unnecessary.

Restarting Your Sky Q Box –The “FIX ALL” Solution

If your Sky Q box is playing up, or just not working very well, your first port of call should be switching the system off completely, waiting 30 seconds, and then switching it back on again –this usually fixes any errant performance issues with Sky Q.

If this solves your issue, you’re golden. Just get back on with what you were doing. If the issue is still there, you’ll have to investigate further. And the next logical step, if you’re having problems with Sky Q, is to check your internet connection. Is your WiFi network up and running? You can check this on your modem or on your phone.

You can also check if your internet is functional by looking at your Sky Q box. Each Sky Q box comes with a small light fitted to its front which flashes different colors to communicate different processes that are happening inside the Sky Q box. These lights are really handy as a reference, but you need to know what your Sky Q box’s lights actually mean.

Sky Q Box Lights Explained

If the light on your Sky Q box is flashing ORANGE, it means your Sky Q box is NOT connected to the internet –not good. If there is no light, it means your Sky Q box has no power –again, not good. If there’s a RED light, it can mean one of three things: 1) your Sky Q box is in standby mode, 2) it’s recording something, or 3) there is something wrong with the hardware. And Green means everything is functioning correctly.

If the RED light is constant and doesn’t go away, and you know you’re not recording anything, you have got yourself a hardware issue and this usually –but not always –requires that you factory reset the system. But before you perform a factory reset on your Sky Q box, first try switching it off and on. Is the problem still there? If yes, you need to factory reset your Sky Q box.

How To Factory Reset Sky Q Box

  1. Press the Home button on your Sky Q remote
  2. Go to settings – enter 001 on the remote and press select
  3. The Factory reset option will appear on your screen. Next, press the STANDBY button on your box and this will initiate the factory reset of your Sky Q box

Factory resetting your Sky Q box usually – like 98% of the time –will fix any and all issues you’re experiencing with your Sky Q box. Once the factory reset is complete, you will have to go through and set up your Sky Q box all over again. This is annoying. But it should have gotten rid of the issue that was plaguing it before.

What If The Issue Is A Hard Drive Issue?

If you have a Sky Q box, you’ll either have the 1TB version of the 2TB version. These hard drives are where all your recorded shows and movies purchased from Sky Store are stored.

It’s kind of important. But a hard drive can go wrong. It’s rare, of course, but it does happen from time to time, and if you’re having hard drive issues, you will have to reset your Sky Q’s hard drive.

To reset your Sky Q’s hard drive, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Home button on your Sky Q remote
  2. Go to settings – enter 001 on the remote and press select
  3. You should now see an option to RESET HARD DRIVE, select this option, then press the STANDBY button on your box

My Sky Q Box Will Not Turn On

If your Sky Q box is unresponsive and will not turn on, it could be related to a number of things: 1) something is up with its power supply, 2) the system is switched off (if you have toddlers, this happens all the time, in my experience), or 3) the box has over-heated and switched itself off to cool down.

To quickly check if your Sky Q box is actually switched on and has power, just press the ? BUTTON on your Sky Q remote. If your Sky Q box is connected and working, you should see a RED light flash on the box when you press the button. If there is no RED light, it means something is definitely up with your Sky Q box.

The first thing I’d do if the Sky Q box is unresponsive and/or won’t switch on is, yep, you guessed it: switch it off at the mains, wait for 30 seconds or thereabouts, and then switch it back on. Again, a quick switch on/switch off tends to fix most issues –it works on PCs, Macs, iPhones, Android phones, and Sky Q boxes. Trust me, I’m a tech expert.

If that doesn’t work, then you may need to do a factory reset on your Sky Q box. We’ve already covered that in the How To Factory Reset Your Sky Q Box section. Just follow the steps listed there and reboot your system. Nine times outta ten, this will fix whatever issues you’re experiencing with your Sky Q box.

Common Sky Q Error Messages & What They Mean

If you’re dealing with issues with your Sky Q box, chances are you’ve already seen your fair share of error messages pop up on your TV’s screen. But what do these Sky Q error messages mean? Here’s a handy breakdown of some of the most common Sky Q error messages and what they mean.

Sky Q Error Messages + What They Mean

  • MR001 – IP address error. Reset your router and install any firmware updates
  • MR102 – The mini box and your main box or router aren’t connected to each other properly
  • MR104 – There’s an issue with your Wi-fi connectivity. Reboot your router and it should resolve the problem
  • MR106 – Your main Sky Q box can’t connect to a mini Sky Q box properly
  • MR109 – This definitely indicates a proximity problem between your devices, so they’re probably too far away from each other

If you need to know anything else about Sky Q, make sure you check out our Sky Users’ Resource Centre –it has LOADS of helpful guides and actionable advice for new and old Sky users, including reviews, user guides, and plenty of how-to guides for Sky Q, Sky Glass, and Sky+, as well as Sky Go and Sky Mobile


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How To Reset Sky Q Box –The Quick & Easy Method (3)

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How To Reset Sky Q Box – The Quick & Easy Method? ›

Hold down the Reset button on the back of the Sky Q Mini box and switch it back on at the mains. Keep holding it until the light on the front flashes red and green. This will take about 30 seconds. Once it flashes red and green, press the standby button on the front of the box.

How do you Reset Sky Q settings? ›

Press the Home button on your Sky Q remote, highlight Settings then press 0,0,1 and Select. Select Reset, then Reset settings and select Confirm. Wait for the on-screen instructions to disappear then press the standby button on the front of your Sky Q box, instead of the Home button on your Sky Q remote.

How do I get rid of the red light on my Sky Q box? ›

Simply switch off at the mains and back on again. Wait 4 Minutes and then press the standby button on the box . Sometimes, the remote will not work and will need repairing to the box . To reset the remote control, press and hold 7 and 9 until it flashes 4 times.

Why is my Sky Q box not connecting? ›

Reboot your Q Box

Press Standby on your Sky Q remote, switch off and unplug at the mains. Wait at least 30 secs and then plug back in and switch your Sky Q box back on at the mains. Wait for the on screen instructions to disappear and the front led to turn Amber. Note: some features may take up to 5 minutes to return.

How to do a full reset on Sky box? ›

Reset your Sky box
  1. Turn off your Sky box directly at the mains.
  2. Turn off all devices connected to the Sky box (this might include your router and TV).
  3. Check that all the lights on the Sky box have completely disappeared.
  4. Leave the box and connected devices off for a few minutes.
  5. Switch your devices back on.

How to do a full system reset on Sky? ›

  1. Turn on your Sky + box.
  2. Press the "Services" button on your Sky+ remote.
  3. Select the option "System Setup"
  4. Access the hidden menu by pressing "0 then 1 then select" on your Sky+ Remote. ...
  5. Select "Full System Reset" - (Please ignore all other options under this menu)

How do I Reset my Sky Q box hard drive? ›

To reset the hard drive:
  1. Press the Home button on your Sky Q remote, highlight Settings then press 0,0,1 and Select.
  2. Select Reset and scroll to Reset hard drive. ...
  3. Wait for the on-screen instructions to disappear then press standby button on the front of your Sky Q box, instead of the Home button on your Sky Q remote.

How do I access my Sky Q router settings? ›

Type 192.168. 0.1 into your browser's address bar and you'll be taken to the Sky router login page. When you reach this page, you should enter the username 'admin'. If you have the Sky Hub or Sky Q Hub, you should enter 'sky' as the password.

Why is my Sky box stuck on red light? ›

If your box is still frozen or stuck on a red light, you'll need to update your box software.

What is the Sky Q standby button? ›

You can use the standby button to turn your Sky Q box in and out of standby. If you've set up HDMI control, you can also hold down your standby button for 3 seconds to turn your TV into standby too.

What does red button on Sky Q box mean? ›

The Red Button will appear in some Sports and Movies upgrade promos in playback, but won't work. If there's a grey dot on screen when watching Sky Sports, there is currently no Red Button service. The majority of red button content on Sky Q requires an active broadband connection, even if it's not being used.

How do I fix Sky Q connectivity problems? ›

If you're having trouble, here's how to fix Sky Q connectivity problems.
  1. Why you get Sky Q connectivity problems. For convenience, Sky Q communicates via its own proprietary wireless mesh network. ...
  2. Change your router's Wi-Fi channel. ...
  3. Change the Sky Q channel. ...
  4. Get a Sky Q Booster. ...
  5. Use Ethernet instead. ...
  6. Disable Wi-Fi for good.
Jan 25, 2023

What to do if Sky connection is not working? ›

Reboot your Sky Hub
  1. Press and release the reset button on the back of your Sky Hub. It may take a few minutes to reboot.
  2. Go to the device that you were experiencing difficulty in accessing the internet on and type into your web browser to check if your broadband connection is now working.

Where is Reset button on Sky Q remote? ›

Try completly resetting your Bluetooth remote. Press 7 & 9 together on the remote until it's led flashes four times. Then make sure that you are pointing your remote at the Q box and press 1 & 3 together until the led flashes twice and follow onscreen instructions to re- pair.

What happens when you Reset Sky? ›

Rebooting the box (off-mode reset) shuts down and restarts the box using the Sky remote. There is no need to disconnect the box from the mains power supply, and is better for the health and lifespan of the Sky box.

Where is the hidden settings menu on Sky Q? ›

  • Press the 'Home' button on your remote control.
  • Scroll down to 'Settings' and DO NOT press select.
  • Press '001'.
  • Press 'Select'
May 18, 2023

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