💯% Legit The Best Ways to Farm Nanites in No Man's Sky Waypoint 2022 NMS Nanite Farming Guide (2023)


Let me show you 100% legit the best ways to farm nanites in No Man's Sky Waypoint. This 2022 NMS nanite farming guide will show you my top 4 favorite methods for farming nanite in No Man's Sky Waypoint.

None of these methods for farming nanites in No Man's Sky Waypoint rely on dupes or anything like that. The first method can be done in less than an hour from starting a brand new No Man's Sky Waypoint save to help you find early game nanites!

Check it out!
The Best New Player's Beginners Guide for No Man's Sky Waypoint!

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Hey you yeah, you I, have a secret I, wanted to show you the best ways to farm nanites in no man's Skyway point, but don't tell anybody coming in at number.

Four is one of the very best early methods to make nanites and that's looking for buried technology modules, but instead of just looking for the berry technology modules, you want to look for damaged Machinery instead, buried technology modules will always be in the ground near these damaged machineries.

So it's like two birds with one stone.

Now you can also turn this residual goop into nanites as well.

So you might as well loot that only early game generally, if you don't get a module to sell for nanites you're gonna, get about 30 nanites, see what I'm talking about.

There's always buried technology right next to these damaged machineries.

The cool thing about this method.

Is you can start doing this about an hour after you start a fresh save once you get your terrain, manipulator all sorted inside those buried technology modules will be Salvage data and that's what we can refine down into nanites.

Each Selvage data is worth 15 nanites and you can get between one and four Salvage data in a buried technology module.

The main reason why you want to Target these damage machineries is you have a decent chance at getting a module inside of these and it's worth a heck of a lot more than 30 nanites? Now it is worth mentioning that occasionally you have to back away from the damaged Machinery in order to find the buried technology modules that won't show up until you get a little distance away.

This only happens every now and then so I just wanted to let you know just in case you're like bro they're, not here before you go completely ham and convert all of your Salvage dead into nanites.

Just understand that you will need some of that Salvage data early on for your base, quests in order to build your teleporter batteries.

Things like that, so yeah, don't turn everything into nanites.

Next up to bat is the side effect of actually doing this process you're going to get a lot of this slime, viscous fluid and things like that in the damaged Machinery.

All that can be refined down into nanites, goop can be refined down into viscous fluid and then viscous fluid can be refined into living slime.

So this is something that's going to take quite some time to turn that goop into viscous fluid and the viscous fluid into the living slime from living slime.

You can actually convert that into runaway mold.

Now the process keeps going and going and going after you refine all that runaway mold.

You can actually turn them into nanites at a five to one ratio, man this takes forever and ultimately it's not really worth your time as I was heading back to my base.

To start the very next method I found some of these buried technology modules that aren't really bad buried.

Occasionally this happens, they'll be floating above the ground, so you know might as well mooch them up as a new player you're not going to have the personal refiner like I.

Do you'll have to complete the quest up to the point you get to the space anomaly, so you're gonna have to convert all these in your portable refiner.

Now that was a quick 90 nanites for free coming in at number three will be farming larval cores at abandoned buildings, you'll need to locate the Stellar cartographer they're right next to the teleporter on space stations.

Ultimately, you'll want to find a stellar cartographer that just randomly drops the exact same map that we need.

Unfortunately, this one isn't it instead of hunting down the right cartographer, we're just going to exchange for a random chart using navigational data which can be found all over space stations.

Now the One You're Gonna Want to be getting is the emergency chart? That's the one you're going to want to get I, think I'll, probably grab 10 charts.

Now that's way more than I need to actually show you the method, because ultimately, what we're trying to do is find a large abandoned building to use these shirts they're super easy they'll, be in your inventory, just press e to plot your route and if you don't find the abandoned building right away like I, did just keep plotting until you find one all right well, this should be interesting, showing you this method, because this is an aggressive, Sentinels, planet and uh.

You probably don't want to do it here.

If you have the choice voice well, boo.

Unfortunately, this is a small building, which means we're probably only going to get about 13 larval cores in order to farm these Louisville cores safely, I'm going to make a downward sloping tunnel each one of the intersections will meet under the center of the building once all of our safety tunnels are set we'll bust out with our mining laser and then just start popping larval course they'll roll right down to you, and then you can just loot them and when you pop that very first egg, a whole bunch of evil monsters are going to spawn the majority of them will spawn above ground.

Occasionally some will spawn underground, just buck them really quick and then loot up your aches.

At this point you should be totally and completely safe.

None of the monsters will come underground and just to make sure you're getting all of the eggs.

Use your analysis visor to make sure you see some of the Hidden ones once popped to these larval cores.

Don't last long so make sure that you loot them as quickly as you can for small buildings, you're going to get 13 larval cores and for large buildings you're generally going to get 26.

and considering these larval cores are worth 69 000.

It's really hard for you to want to turn them into nanites, but trust me turning them into nanites is better.

Nanites are a bit harder to get than money, even in no man's Sky Waypoint, so definitely turn them into nanites.

Hatal cores are worth just as much as the larval course.

These are found at the bottom abortions or lakes.

Although you know larval cars are way easier to find.

Let's pop another map in hopes of finding another abandoned building, you can ham.

These out, like super duper quickly, but wait there's more so before we head out.

You can loot more of this disgusting residual goop But.

Ultimately, we want to interact with the machine here after you analyze the data log you're gonna get a random amount of nanites.

Now it can be anywhere between like 100 up to three or four hundred I've gotten a ton from these.

Before so, do them coming in at number two, which arguably could be the number one method is beating the total incomplete crap out of these Sentinels for nanites.

This can be done in the early stages of the game, but if you're, a really new traveler make sure you build this little underground elbow that I made at any time.

If you get yourself in trouble, just run down into that elbow and you'll be relatively safe.

Once you start laying the smack on the single Sentinel, all of a sudden, a whole bunch of them are going to start showing up now they all have different jobs.

Some of them are going to be healers, some are going to be focused on combat and the pyramid-shaped ones they actually summon other Sentinels to the battle, so you may or may not want to destroy them in most cases, I like to leave them up, but if I start getting overwhelmed, I'll destroy them.

Ultimately, though, if you can handle it, keep those pyramid ones up as much as you possibly can and focus on destroying everything else.

That way, you can drag this fight out as long as possible, so we can get more raw nanites from kills we're gonna get tons of pug name, which can be converted into nanites.

I'll show show you that here in a little bit, but more importantly, what we want to get is Salvage glass.

Ultimately, if you keep progressing through the waves of Sentinels you'll hit wave number five there's going to be a gigantic Walker.

Now they're super duper easy to Buck down.

First, you just kind of focused on the legs which cripples them.

Then you put all of your damage into the head until the Walker blows up, but ultimately you don't even have to get to the stage.

If you know you don't want to.

Ultimately you could just keep those pyramid-shaped dudes up forever, just let them keep summoning and just keep killing the Dagon Sentinels forever.

You don't even have to get to stage five when it's all said and done.

You're gonna get a ton of running it's just from killing, but man the Salvage glass drops.

That is what you're looking for.

When you extract components.

You'll have a chance to get random items stuff that you can kind of Craft on your own, but ultimately, what you're looking for are those special drops, those modules that can be sold for nanites out of 40 of the Salvage glass.

We ended up with 14 of these modules.

We can actually sell now.

These modules can actually be really really good.

So, if you want to, you can use them for your own personal needs and, as you can see, I actually do have one of these modules installed and actually got that.

A few days ago, when Sentinels tried to pick on me so yeah they're, actually quite good, but we're gonna, sell them for nanites.

Murking Sentinels is going to earn you a boat ton of pug name now that can be refined down into nanites at 25 to 1.

uh kind of worth it kind of not worth it.

These special Sentinel modules can be sold to any of the vendors here in the booth now I'm just going to go over to the EXO seed vendor guy here and pawn them off to him.

You know it doesn't really matter they're all going to pay you exactly the same, doesn't matter which one you go to bucking down.

Those Sentinels took maybe 10 or 12 minutes, and it looks like we're gonna make just under 7K nanites.

Just for those modules alone doesn't count all the nanites that we got for bucking them doesn't count any of the nanites.

If we refine that pugnium coming in at our number, one method for making nanites is scrapping guaranteed.

First wave exotic S-Class ships, finding your very own, guaranteed first wave exotic, can be tedious, so I highly recommend that you check out this video here.

That video will give you the portal location to this exact system.

Once you're here, you're going to be able to buy these Dagon S-Class exotic ships like their candy because they come in every single time on the first wave, all right, traveler enough, you want to be cheesy.

You can actually exchange your ship for this ship.

If it's worth more, then you can run back over to your original ship, which will now have an NPC talk to them.

Negotiate the price and then just claim your ship for free kind of cheese, and since all these ships are going to have some type of Technology can scrap.

You might as well scrap that as well.

So if we would have paid money, we would have paid 26 million we're only getting 18 million back in scrap.

So keep that in mind unless you use that little kind of ship exploit to get ships for free.

If you do this as intended, you will lose a little bit of money when you're scrapping these ships But.

Ultimately, what Hello Games wants.

Is you to convert your units into nanites? To do that? You just sell all the modules that you're going to get from scrapping these ships.

There will be Travelers out there that don't have older portal glyphs yet so, which one of these ships are worth scrapping now, ultimately, you're going to want to be buying the cheapest ships possible that are ba and S-Class.

Well, you know S-Class goes without saying, because S-Class ships actually have a guaranteed chance to drop a storage, augmentation and seriously you're gonna need a bow ton of those storage.

Augmentations to upgrade your main ship, so you might as well just Farm These, guaranteed Exotics here for nanites, as well as those augmentations just like that, we made several thousand nanite scrapping ships totally and completely safe.

There you have it.

These are the best ways to farm nanites in no man's Sky Waypoint.

If this video was helpful to your gameplay, please like comment subscribe for Future No, Man's, sky videos, peace, I guarantee- if you you found this video helpful, you're gonna love this next.



Where is the best place to find Nanites? ›

Nanite Cluster can be acquired by:
  • Searching abandoned buildings on planets.
  • Uploading Discoveries.
  • Discovering all creatures on a planet and claiming the rewarded nanites.
  • Feeding certain animals, which will lead you to a buried object that yields them.
  • Searching Damaged Machinery.
  • Destroying Sentinels.

What can be refined into Nanites? ›

Mold Super Colonies and Nanites

Once you have accumulated a decent amount. You can refine the slime until it becomes the super colony. This process is a bit more tedious, as you have to refine the slime twice. (usually) Once you are done you can refine the mold into nanites.

How do you convert units to Nanites? ›

The method is pretty simple: you buy a ship, scrap it, and then sell the various Upgrade Modules for Nanites. Rinse and repeat. No need to refine lots of materials, no need to do any cooking... scrapping and flipping ships is probably the most enjoyable way to farm Nanites in No Man's Sky.

What are the Meta nanites? ›

The Meta-Nanites, also known as Master-Control Nanites or Master Nanites, are extremely powerful nanites created to control the Dominion Code, or put simply the "God Code."

Is nanite more efficient? ›

Nanite is a very efficient way to render objects on a screen. The way it works is by breaking down meshes into clusters of triangles. If you drag a Nanite mesh into your scene. Then in the viewport tab select the following Lit > Nanite Visualisation ( This will show a list of all the Nanite view modes).

What does the Flask of Nanites do? ›

The Flask of Nanites is a Hardmode, post-Plantera flask that causes melee weapons and whips(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) to inflict the Confused debuff for 1–3 seconds on enemies hit.

What is the most useful farm in NMS? ›

Chlorine farming isn't the only way to farm items in No Man's Sky, but it's one of the best methods if you're a beginner. Chlorine farming is particularly useful because you only need a few refiners and easy-to-access resources to make millions of Units quickly.

How do you get the advanced mining laser? ›

The Advanced Mining Laser can be obtained in several ways:
  1. obtained from the base computer archives quest.
  2. it is possible to acquire this upgrade as a reward from the final stages of the Quest Awakenings.
  3. blueprint can be purchased from Iteration: Eos on the Space Anomaly for 75 Nanite Clusters.

What is the best thing to farm in no man's sky? ›

​​​​​​Chlorine Farm

Farming chlorine is one of the easiest ways to make money during the early part of a No Man's Sky playthrough. The materials required for this method are easy to acquire and plentiful throughout space. You'll need chlorine, oxygen, and refiners.

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