MC馃幀: The Oval-- The Skies Have Eyes, S2E19 (2023)


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I could have been here doing this a little bit.

I don't have to get the um the oval.

The skies have eyes.

I'm gonna, wash These Hoes and be telling these lies.

Jason is on the prowl Ruth fights against Barry regarding custody of Cali Ellie finds herself in danger, probably a real [ __ ] bruise.

It looked like makeup, though they're plastic Party, City Tyler wants you to think he's in psychotic mode.

He does.

He does need to get them some air conditioning.

It is a Party City night that is a Party City.

Now that's why he had him hold it like that behind her head, you I was going to say she know that she know the game, because it's my day she know how to save her [ __ ] life.

With that with that vagina, she wouldn't have to go through this.

If she had uh shingles vagina right, she should rape him.

You see.

That's a Party, City knife I was going to say she's, not physically stronger than him.

She might be he's got some muscle.

You got some fat.

She would be able to get him off real fast, what kind of a guitar a guitar, so you could get away with that.

It could be a hollow guitar right.

Was it a good time? Acoustic? That's right, but it wouldn't be like Bach.

It might be like bunk, okay, it might be like bunk, okay, I.

Don't know why I couldn't think of the word acoustic, so you ate two of your pieces.

I'm gonna feel like a pig dog.

That's a lot of stuff I mean anything can happen, but not hitting there at work.

Y'all need to get that knife away from him.

Bro not right, now see a hoe, but that's this ain't the time.

Oh my God, just what Colin Donald need son of a [ __ ] yeah like you gotta, go actually do your job, you mad! She ain't had to be at that white house again since so she ain't working really.

You know how much I hate these beats between these lines.

Oh in 2015 Google about apologize that they labeled a photo of two black people.


Remember that they look nice I'll give you that! Thank you.

Keep paying so you need to make me one of them.

Oh that's what she said.

I make one for you.

Oh they so catty with each other.

A couple of [, __, ] she's traumatized just look: don't [ __ ] with the hoe either let her process this she's, been.

She been almost right.

I think he bisexual at this point, which I don't care but I think he'd been front or he could just be under that Tyler contract.

If you can't Branch out cuffing season, okay, you, where are you not gonna? Go you writing something else.

Anytime soon, I heard you got a Chippendale series because they just put cosilon on your address.

None of y'all [, __, ], gonna work and I'm over her I can't even remember when we thought she was so fine started out popping.

He gave it intelligent and now I'm over her every time this the camera get on her.


So, do you want them back, or do you not want them back like I mean, because you calling people to do something, but it's not like y'all got kids and [ __ ] like so I mean.

What is it that she trying to accomplish, because he was saying that he can ruin us right.

So are you, okay with him ruining him, because when he ruined him he ruined YouTube [ __ ] right my understanding.

She just wanted to pay how about running their life his hers again, but we take this one step at a time you talking about Richard too, we said both of their lives all right.

Yes, yes! Hide your husbands! Hide your wives! Hide your kids! They out here killing everybody and apparently raping right.

How's! Your husbands, hide your wives! Hide your kids! Yeah! You look! Cute! It's even working out! I! Really got stuff going on, but that they'd be childish.

Childish, so childish they have grandkids and I mean beyond the actual real Justified.

Hurt they just generally yeah just so childish.

Okay, I know my bad.

You can't make me feel no worse than I.

Already did I feel that, but I don't feel the hardest feeling worse, I, don't understand it, but she's right right.

That's why I was going to say her acceptance of it is a little like I did it and nothing should change with us at all right, not even temporary, right, I'm, just gonna keep cooking and serving and feeding you, because, when your man hardest to his stomach, so no matter what happens if you cheat on them, you just feed them and just keep feeding them and feeding them in and the Lord will bring level in in the Lord will bring him back home like it never happened, allow it 25 years since the day.

You know that I'm done tots and pears anytime.

You see anything.

What you're saying you don't work all right, you're, sorry, all right! All that was guilt, huh right anytime! You want us to make love any way you wanted to do it I did it and I never complained and I never wanted you didn't enjoy it either.

No, that was so wrong.

Fantasy I have cut myself with a million dollars for what I did to you.

Could be hello, oh, they should be swinging.

The mama mama should be swinging.

Mama should be swinging right.

The [ __ ] now all I can tell you is that you can't come looking for her anymore I'm, squaring up you, okay, with her Tyler gonna, get dressed.

Bringing that baby back is that the Russian rocker Kabuki now get it yo go to the raccoon.

You know how I would help her beat her ass bad enough for her to have to stay in the hospital.

Now she wants what happened with him? Well, he don't got to go to work.

No more is he fired, uh cause him and Sam had a fight, but they made up but didn't what something happened at the something happened.

I can't remember what the lab we'll find out.

I can't remember what the last thing that happened with him.

I didn't know how to do this I think! Well, don't get used to it since you're going to be doing a whole lot of resting when we get married for me, that's exactly what you need.

I know it Sparkle, no magic, I just know magic, puss y literally always complaining about money.

You really want me to marry.

You huh Jesus trick.

Let's see, I know the marriage proposal, so I don't know I, think about it.

I said Okay I want that [ __ ] yeah yeah, the police body stuff.

She can't marry him.

He low-keyed controlling, don't know how to control it.

You weren't the phone, so I thought you were gonna answer it: okay, damn who else Mr President yeah? How are you oh he's getting some new new uh replacement, [ __ ] I'd like to come to the White House for a private tour, oh um! When can't you see I'm in the hospital right now as soon as possible? I'm! Sorry, you! Okay! Yes! Is that thing still thinking? Who is that um, the president of what the United States she ain't that small? She don't use that thing enough to know what what kind of call it was who doesn't know! That's why I'm sitting here at the White House yeah I was going to say you left out a really important word.

I ain't met him at the White House and he gave me his number and told me to call him I know it is like you were at a club right that even his seat, he really is.

Ah, she do got a thing.

A thing thing, a big thing too.

That thing be things.

Excuse me I'm, sorry, ma'am I haven't seen him.

He out here trying to kill [ __ ], where the shirt come from.

What is it you're welcome or yes, ma'am Allen got doggone man.

No it don't it's just cooking and I was like orange juice.

Yes ma'am.

She fixes the orange juice, don't she she's in there foreign ER somewhere, a secret service teacher, has an attentive mother this morning, I never seen her look for him this hard in my life.

You know what president could get his chocolate fix in and get her back by [ __ ] her.

You should know that he's not attracted to you.

This one doesn't mind either just a limp one.

You would know exactly proving my point only happens with you thank God for blue pills right, but again only music with you.

Why do y'all care? Why even have a conversation? They clearly don't care, but you are short yeah.

He knows people.

This is your shoes wow! Oh my God, okay, because that's their job! Well, sir I'm.

Sorry, I can't help you with that.

Can I get you anything else, ma'am! No, that has all of them.

Everybody in the room know everything this that at this point, let me go ahead and call something I meant to say this a couple of episodes ago.

I think maybe he has had a history of impotency issues and maybe that's why they weren't sleeping together, Sam Sam.

No, no! It's all right.

Yes, he was trying.

It was O's huh.

Oh all, right, okay, okay! Well, let me go the whole opposite.

The direction I I knew it was something was sex.

Then he just he has a sex addiction and she knows it and and maybe her holding out on him because it's something they're making it seem like he has, but he battles with it.

He can't control.

You know what I mean yeah I'm, just trying to help Tyler out because good for kicking she making some moves on her own terms.

These days, any money moves yeah.

Okay, by the time she 30 30 35.

They look like a village people.

Don't they need that either him for a while.

She should have called the president and told him Bobby said how they gonna carry it out of an apartment, complex Oh I thought he said: [ __, ] ass.

Every morning you [ __ ] asses up here, [ __ ] around.

Let me say, get your ass up.

Yes, he ain't unconscious with his chin up in the air.

Like that, your son closed his mouth, oh okay, I was going to say.

I saw his mouth closed.

This show be having a lot of color in their skin when they be unconscious.

What color, yeah 45.

Colt 45? They slapped you with dicks like 700 times yeah they dick slapped him smeller.

She got a yeast infection for sure.

I gave her a break on four different pairs of pants.

This is like it's hot out there added you sure.

Anyone followed home confirmation- oh sure, oh um, but she got it though she got it.

I could take a nap between these lines.

I could take a nap between these lines.

Sure wrong is wrong.

Yes, I'm gonna help take him down.

Okay, yes, we can make sure you want to follow.

Are you sure yeah right now laughs, so he runs and hides so he runs the primates alone.

Look there's my imitation here, anything with Facebook group.

Anything so I can take our vaccine.

Anything is there anymore.

Only fans will finna start Banning nudity and everybody was understandably like what the [ __ ], with the only fans, yeah fans, only yeah I, think you got it wrong.

I should have been so much more I want my seven hundred dollars.

Do they know where he lives.


Think he's a big wig.

This white guy is is playing Martin I got his.

What's her name called it is so I'm guessing he probably phones.

You know I mean because he ain't that good of an actor I tell you what how you right, I'll tell you what I don't have to have a bunch of lines, but I need to be an important character.

Where is he pinky swear? Somebody I know where he was yes now Priscilla got picked the perfect time to snap.

He said his wife right.

We got another issue, there's no DNA, no bodies at the cabin ET.

He probably deliberately shot her in the shoulder shoulder he had to, but he probably just deliberately shot on his shoulder, but she shot her right.

Well, there was blood, I, don't know right.

It seem like you can find your help all the time and I'm like why even go through the trouble of dealing with somebody and talking [ __ ] to them when you could just get somebody to just not be in your [ __ ] and you don't have to have employees that are married that have both have access to the what the property food chef, Randy.

True everybody can be mean.

Now what little movie is that get the info on that conferences? Our lawyers have over 30 000 five-star reviews, click or call to see you thankless when you need to be deaf trying to lose it tonight.

You are such a [, __ ].

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