No Man's Sky Endurance How To Find Salvaged Frigate Modules Captain Steve Easy NMS Guide 2022 (2023)


No Man's Sky Endurance How To Find Salvaged Frigate Modules Captain Steve Easy NMS Guide 2022 - Info on How you used to get them prior to this update:

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Well, how did italy down to their chumps design, captain of the students today charms I'm back in no man's sky and I'm looking for salvaged frigate modules, you're, probably wondering kinds of stiff? Why? Why are you looking for such things? Well, it's the salvage frigate modules that you need to unlock your new freighter base parts with inside this new update.

Now, when you go into this console, you want to tap across using r1 or l1 on playstation and look you can see there, that's where you can find your teleporter chamber, but yeah you're going to need salvaged frigate modules to buy these.

They want to pop.

So you don't need that many you're going to need, maybe a dozen or so any house.

The best way I find to get them is to actually set on up one of these expedition missions.

Send all your frigates out on expeditions if you can send them all out on their little missions and hopefully they're going to come back and once they arrive back.

Hopefully you can get one or two salvage frigate modules.

It is just random chance, but I find that the chances of getting them here is quite higher than finding them anywhere else yeah.

So here we go.

I'm just going to debrief this lot here and, let's see if we get one inside of this, I've just sent out two ships here, normandy and also my living d ship.

The living ships have a chance of bringing back spawning sacks as well and bits and bols for your living ship, which is great there we go got one a salvage frigate module.

I guess I did yours awesome winner winner chicken dinner, but yes, I only got one.

I only got one from there, so let's uh see if there's anything else, chromatic metal, no there's none of us, so there we go should see it pop at the top.

There we go brilliante excellent tomondo.

So where else can you find these? Well, you can find them on derelict freighters and you can sometimes find them on freighters in space just flying around shooting their cargo pods and things, and sometimes it's mission rewards.

So let me get show you into each of those areas.

So, first off derelict freighters.

Now you can get one of these beacons from helios inside the nexus.

He tends to give you one, maybe every 24 hours or 48 or something I don't really know what the time scale is, but he sometimes gives you a free one, but you can just buy one from this guy for 500 000 units or, however much that was because I'm not very good at counting or maths until my bank account gets that high.

I have no idea what number that is right, let's jump in our ship and let's hit on up that signal beacon.

Hopefully it's going to call in a dairy freighter now.

What I would say is if you are going to go aboard derelict craters.

Looking for these things, you might need a fairly decent multi-tool.

There can sometimes be these scuttly little bugs in there, and sometimes they hatch open and, if there's a whole tribe of them, they're probably going to get the better of you if you haven't got a decent multi-tour.

So here you go now, I'm pulsing to bring on in the derelict freighter now going aboard the derelict freighters.

I found that you find these inside the big blue crates more so than any other crates.

The little blue ones tend to give you nanites or units um.

The barely type ones tend to give you just random stuff.

The actual lockers tend to give you trinkets and other bits and bobs.

It's the big blue crates that seem to give you the one that you want now after you've actually landed on the dairy freight.

I just put my signal receiver in there and then, when you unlock the door it doesn't take it then you can take it out and use it again.

I usually do a reload, though, before I reuse it again just in case, but after I've saved my game.

Obviously, if I've got everything that I want right, so here you go let's head on in and let's see if we can get ourselves a selfish frigate module right, just choosing a different multi-tool here, let's head on in and sometimes you can be very lucky, you can get ones that just have jellyfish in it or something which are nice and easy.

I don't like the ones so much that I've got the scuttlebugs in.

So you see that big blue crate there.

You go salvage frigate module times one.

However, I haven't got 219 of these things.

I haven't got that many, so I think that's gone to a different stack.

I don't think that's working.

We will check my inventory once.

We've actually completely ran this freighter now.

Normally you find in between two and three perforator.

Some people have been lucky and found freighters that hit up four.

I think zayn's got a video out if I can find zayn's video I'll put it in the top right hand corner but yeah.

He found a freighter.

That's super easy to run and got quite a fair few of these frigate modules, so yeah hit on up that video anyhow.

Here you go.

I got lucky.

I found another one again in one of those big blue crates and it says I've got 220.

Now I've got 220 of them right.

Well, I've got to the end of the actual freighter and I've hit on up the actual console.

If you haven't got a load of um storage.

Yet inside of your freight, you might want to get the bulkheads because they actually extend your freighter, storage capacity brilliant.

However, I just grabbed the actual the technology, because I'm going to turn it into nanites, but for whatever reason this end teleporter isn't working.

Normally it just fires, you back to the main entrance, that's broken too so anyway, I'm going to have to run back manually all the way to the start, get back on my ship and I'm going to fly on over to the station.

So you know what I reconvene with you guys back at the station.

I think I picked up two on this run, but I think there might be a problem because I definitely haven't got 220.

okay, so I left this footage of me in running all the way back to my ship.

For one reason, you can see that I looted pretty much everything and I went in every single room, all 11 rooms.

I went into done the whole lot now if I check my exosuit because I entered it before I went in, hopefully, you're gonna see the actual items in there.

No, no you're not, and I can't you see anything there- that's got 220 as a quantity either, so I don't know where they freaking went or what that was counting to or what it alluded to.

So for every reason, people I didn't get them.

I ran the derelict freighter didn't get them the only place that I've got a couple of these things.

Stowed away is actually on my freighter.

So if I go over to my fridge, it's not even in this system and I've got three sitting in there right now.

So I have no idea where they went, but why I got robbed.

Basically, I've been robbed.

I've been robbed people so yeah there we go, so I don't think derelict freighters on playstation 5 or for me worked, but I hope it works for you, because that is probably the most surefire way of getting them.

However, for whatever reason this time, I got mugged yeah mugged by a sweetheart lady, on the shopping cart, and I didn't even see it coming anyhow.

You can also get them from missions agents, mainly in the pirate systems.

So this one's offering a central boundary map which is pretty darn freaking nice, that's quite rare as well.

It's very rare that you see that when you're not looking for them, you see them or the bloody time these um, your salvage frigate modules, but now that I'm looking for them can I find them no, and I went to a few pirate systems.

Another way to get them is to go over to any sort of freighters that you see spawning in space and hover over each.

Oh look: frigate fuel 200, tons, nice.

You need that this amount, all your frigate missions.

But yes, if you shoot these, you know you are going to get chased by sentinel ships and also the ships that come out of the actual freighters.

They are going to shoot at you, but yeah you just hover over and hopefully you're going to see a salvage frigate module.

They used to spin spin up all the time they used to be quite common.

Now they've moved over to the super very rare table and they're as rare as rock and horse turd, so you're probably not going to find them there either.

Now I don't know whether I've ever seen them as a nexus mission reward, but since they're in the pirate systems as a mission reward, it might be worth just keeping your eye on here if you're in the nexus.

If you see one, let us know, but I don't think they appear here- people um yeah.

I haven't really been looking from here, so I don't really know but look there's the into the nest, the hack, the sentinel pillar mission, that's one of the new ones anyway, people that's everything that I've got for you.

So I'd say your best bet is frigate missions, so send it out to your frigates on missions until next time, people goodbye goodbye and goodbye again.

Well, thank you very much for watching.

If you like what you see please hit a like and subscribe, and I'd like to say a massive great big, thank you to all of my backers over on patreon and over on youtube membership.

Thanking you backers.

If you want to support this channel, just don't skip the adverts that froze revenue down my avenue.

Oh yeah, just stay with captain steve a little bit longer and hit something on this screen.

There's merch here now too.


How do you get salvaged frigate modules in NMS 2022? ›

Outlaw Missions: NMS Salvaged Frigate Modules

These are basically a fusion of “normal” station quests and Nexus ones. You can only accept them one at a time. However, you pick them up from outlaw stations in outlaw systems. To find such systems, you can just explore at random.

How do you get salvaged frigate modules in NMS endurance? ›

  1. Looting Storage Units aboard Crashed Freighters (7.5%)
  2. Awarded by completing certain missions in The Nexus (4%)
  3. Certain Mission Board jobs (2%-4%, depending on required standing)
  4. Pirate mission board missions (2%)
  5. Found in crates aboard Derelict Freighters (2.5%)

Where to get Salvaged frigate Modules 2023? ›

Acquiring Salvaged Frigate Modules in No Man's Sky
  • Completing Frigate Expeditions. ...
  • Raiding frigates and completing missions. ...
  • Looting Derelict Freighters. ...
  • Looting Crashed Freighters.
May 9, 2023

Where to find salvaged frigate module reddit? ›

  • From crashed freighters if you're lucky.
  • From nexus missions (Anomaly) if you're lucky.
  • From space station missions (1st desk on 3 desk side) if you're lucky.
  • As a result of frigate missions you send out from your Freighter. ...
  • Exploring derelict freighters (the mission ones, not random encounter) if you're lucky.
Apr 10, 2022

What is the rarest freighter in NMS? ›

S-Class versions are the highest rated and rarest of them all. Players will have to put in a lot of work to find an S-Class Freighter, but it can be done for absolutely free. It just requires an Economy Scanner and a lot of space travel to get one.

Where to get salvage modules? ›

You can find Salvaged Data by uncovering the Buried Technology, which is hidden underground on the planets you visit. To find some Buried Technology, turn on your Analysis Visor and scan your surroundings. The icon you're looking for is a downwards pointing arrow, with a wi-fi like symbol on it.

Are frigate upgrades worth it? ›

In all cases installing them will raise your Fleet Rating by increasing the involved factor (trade, support, combat...), and they could swing the FR to get you an additional star, so in theory they should be good for protection also. But it's much easier to add another frigate to achieve this.

What do I do with extra salvaged frigate modules? ›

Salvaged Frigate Modules in No Man's Sky

Now players can use Salvaged Frigate Modules to purchase new aesthetic freighter hallways, windows, doors, exterior catwalks, and platforms for players to view their freighter while in space.

How do you loot a crashed freighter? ›

Crashed freighters can be located after solving a puzzle at a Transmission Tower or by normal exploration. Through the use of tools such as the Terrain Manipulator, Plasma Launcher, or Geology Cannon, you can uncover storage units that contain Nanite Clusters or units.

Where to get freighter upgrade modules? ›

All upgrades require Salvaged Frigate Modules, occasionally available from Crashed Freighters, Derelict Freighters (as well as the space encounter type), Nexus Missions and Frigate Expeditions. They can also appear frequently when the player attacks and destroys NPC freighters' cargo containers.

Can you buy freighter modules? ›

The easy way to get freighter salvage modules is to go pirate in one system. Only shoot the pods that have the salvage models in them.

What blueprint for frigate fuel? ›

Frigate Fuel (200 Tonnes) can be built using a blueprint and the following ingredients: Di-hydrogen x200 + Tritium x200 → Frigate Fuel (200 Tonnes)

How do you get frigate expeditions? ›

You can buy them from other freighters around space. When you're flying around a system, you'll sometimes notice large freighters that spawn in. If there are some green nav points around the freighter, they've got some frigates for sale.

Where is the frigate research station? ›

Summary. Upgrade Control is a research terminal on board freighters. It is located on the central console in your freighter's control room, and was originally known as a Freighter Research Terminal.

What is the biggest capital freighter in no man's sky? ›

The Dreadnought-class describes the biggest version of a Sentinel-Design capital freighter. It has 7 segments for its midsection and also can come with 2 or 4 pairs of additional cargo pods. It dwarfs most other freighters in direct comparison.

What is the rarest animal in NMS? ›

See this dinosaur-looking thing? That, my friend, is what No Man's Sky players call a Diplo. It is one of the rarest type of creatures you can find in the game, with a reported encounter chance of only 0.25% on any given planet.

What is the biggest ownable ship in no man's sky? ›

Hauler. Ships in this class feature a shield absorb class bonus, and they also boast the highest possible inventory spaces. These ships are the largest out of all the other starships (other than freighters), and may or may not have wing features on them.

Does buried technology Respawn in no man's sky? ›

The process of digging it is considered to be part of your modifying the area for your base and it won't respawn.

Where do I get frigate upgrades in NMS? ›

For the blueprint you must visit crashed freighters and open these pods which are buried or inside the freighter behind a panel that you must shoot with your mining laser. Use the visor to mark these pods, otherwise you're not gonna find them.

Where can I find buried technology? ›

Buried Technology Module can be found under the surface of planets. icon and the Terrain Manipulator can be used to dig it out. The Buried Technology Module will reward the player with 2-4 pieces of Salvaged Data when opened.

What is the most valuable object in NMS? ›

What's the most expensive material in the game? Activated Indium is the most expensive element at over 900 units each. The most valuable items you can find are rare artifacts or bones that can be worth somewhere between 1-2 million units.

What is the best item to farm in NMS? ›

Salt is a plentiful resource, and you can find a lot of it underwater by harvesting minerals. Make sure to get a lot of salt before starting the chlorine farm since the more you collect, the more money you can make. After obtaining the salt, it's as easy as building a refiner and refining the salt into chlorine.

What are the rarest materials in NMS? ›

What are the rarest materials in no man's sky?
  • Activated Cadmium: Found on planets orbiting red stars. ...
  • Activated Copper: Found on planets orbiting yellow stars. ...
  • Activated Emeril: Found on planets orbiting green stars. ...
  • Activated Indium: Found on planets orbiting blue stars. ...

What is the strongest frigate? ›

The F125 Baden-Württemberg-class frigates are a series of frigates of the German Navy, which were designed and constructed by ARGE F125, a joint-venture of Thyssen-Krupp and Lürssen. The Baden-Württemberg class have the heaviest displacement of any class of frigate worldwide. They have replaced the Bremen class.

Which is better destroyer or frigate? ›

The frigate possessed less offensive firepower and speed than a destroyer, including an escort destroyer, but such qualities were not required for anti-submarine warfare. Submarines were slow while submerged, and ASDIC sets did not operate effectively at speeds of over 20 knots (23 mph; 37 km/h).

How many frigates can you have NMS 2022? ›

With the exception of The Leviathan, they can only be obtained via random encounters in space after building the Dream Aerial. A player can own up to 30 frigates - this includes traditional frigates, and expedition reward frigates such as the Normandy and the Leviathan, once they command a freighter.

Where is the S class exotic in no man's sky? ›

This Royal-style S-Class Exotic can be found in the Sudzerbal Galaxy, specifically the Uzonen Expanse's Makinatom star system at the coordinates 07F8:0080:0803:0005. Its inventory is 20 slots in size, and its tech installation capability is six slots.

What is the best starship class in no man's sky? ›

Explorer-type starships are perhaps the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to No Man's Sky. It excels in everything that players would want in their travels across space, all the while granting the option to max out its storage.

What is the max owned ship in NMS? ›

One of the many quality-of-life features implemented with the Fractal update is the changing of how many ships a player can own at once, with fans now able to hold the keys to up to 12 different Starships at any one time.

What is the biggest flyable ship in NMS? ›

Hauler. Ships in this class feature a shield absorb class bonus, and they also boast the highest possible inventory spaces.

What is the biggest frigate in NMS? ›

14 Base stat frigate is the highest known possible frigate. It can't be found as rank 1, only pre-leveled.

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