No Man's Sky, How to Extend Power Sources (2023)


In this video I show you how to use the power source at one base to power your devices at adjacent bases. Like, follow, and subscribe for more content! -- Watch live at


Hello and welcome to no man's sky uh.

This dave j plays we're.

Gonna do a little bit of an instructional video today on how to extend the power sources for one base to power the devices in another base.

Okay, I'm just gonna have to check our audio here, make sure that my voice is coming through there.

We go all right.

So, as you can see, I've got my base here on this dead planet.

We call a car which I've got, which I call carcosa, which is uh.

You know uh, it's a got, no atmosphere, um, it's really just a quiet place where I can come and do experiments on some of the uh devices that are available in the game for the player to use uh.

I am playing on psvr today um.

So if you are having issues with psvr, you know I can try to answer them, but let me show you what we've got here so uh.

This is our base.

Uh right, there's where we usually teleport in I've got a landing pad, and we there is an electromagnetic hot spot over here that I have marked by this light.

Okay- and you can see down here deep in the ground- I've got an electromagnetic hotspot hooked up and if we go into the build menu uh, you can't actually see the wires because they're buried okay.

Now this hotspot is what powers this whole base area through this uh little valley here up to the cliff face, so we've got wires, running down underground through the hill through cave system, going up that way right, which is all well and good.

You know that's the regular range for our power hot spot, which is fine, but we have three bases on this planet and only one electromagnetic hot spot between them.

How are we going to get this done? So I'm going to show you up here.

We've got the other side of the base.

Okay, let's see, if it'll, let me land there, we go got the other side of the base and all of this stuff is actually being run.

Uh most the lights are actually being run by the solar panels, but all the lights inside these decorative things here are all being run by the electromagnetic hot spot down the hill this base.

This is right at the very extent of the that power hot spots influence the my base.

Computers influence, I should say, broken light there you can see.

We've got a little teleporter up here.

It's all well and good lots of fancy lights in there.

Okay, now I've got a base way over there on the hill.

How am I going to get power from there to here? I'm telling you you make pylons and what I like to call telephone poles.

Okay, so at the very edge of your base is influenced.

Let me show you how it works here.

Uh, okay, say: you're gonna build any structure right, we'll just go with a concrete structure.

Okay, you are going to walk towards the edge of your of your area and you're, going to see you're going to see the point at where your uh, where your border of your base is, and it's usually a circular area, and when you hit that border, that's where you're going to put your power pile on.

So if just look here should be any moment, let's run a little faster here.

Try to get this okay, we've got dig site alpha up there.

Okay, we're still within the influence of of the base computer.

Well, okay, come on.

I should be getting close.

Actually, ah there we go okay.

So I know at this point we're outside the base, so we're I'm gonna run back just a little bit here, find the edge nope right there.

It is okay.

Now we've come through here, um basic just do a concrete structure, so you can see what it looks like.

Okay, if you're walking towards the edge here you'll, actually see the menu change and you'll be able to tell exactly where the edge of your base sits and it's right there.

Okay, that's the edge of our base.

Oh you see, you can actually see it in the build menu bam there.

It goes bam okay.

So what you're going to do is you're basically going to put a telephone pole here, um and the way I always did it was.

I would just go in here to adornments and put a pipe right and you just like bam.

That's the edge of my that's the edge of my uh basis, sphere of influence, okay and then you're going to attach your power lines to this, and I usually I put a battery right by it that way.

You've got storage of your power as well right.

So what that does by placing that power pile on there is it actually extends the influence of your base slightly, it's not a huge amount.

So if you see, we know that our edge was right.

Here we can actually keep walking now should be able to.

They may have changed it, but this is how it works is uh you put a battery there and you basically extend your bases influence.

So I'll show you what it looks like here at the end: let's go ahead and summon our ship, because that is a long, walk, yeah and I'll show you that I've got power running from that uh electromagnetic hotspot, all the way to actually two bases straight that way.

Okay, so we've got another base right here, go ahead and set her down.

There we go.

This base is mostly underground and that's why I kind of gave up on it every time there's an update it fills in.

So you can see.

I've got lamps here and they are being fed from the hot spot down in the valley, and you can see the wires here.

Yep there they are, and I actually had to excavate a lot of this to show you.

But that's all, that's all the extension you get.

Each one of those batteries is exactly as far as your bases, um ring will extend every time you do it, that's it.

So you have to put a battery basically at the edge every time and extend your power up through the base.

Now, when you've got your power cable up to your second base.

Finally, what you have to do, then, when you're building things is you have to make sure you have the correct base selected um, try to show you what I mean here if I can get down the ah here we go get down in here.

Okay, so yeah got power running to a couple teleporters here and it's all being fed from the electromagnetic hotspot down in the valley.

Now, when you're in your second base and you've got your power line from your first base run, you actually have to select which base you're editing in the build menu.


So if you press, if you go to your build menu- and you want to add a light- okay say- we just want to add a blue light.

Okay, you can see here the yellow line says editing as venom ascii base now, there's a button press press to actually edit the other bass.

I can't remember what the button is on the psvr, but I know on pc, it's the it's, the middle mouse wheel, you click it and it allows you to select your base um for the life of me.

I can't I can't remember I can't remember what it is on the psbr now see, so every electronic device in the base has to correspond to whichever base is your power source.

So if I've got dig site alpha down there as my power source, all of the electronic devices in here are basically tagged for the initial site.

That way, you can have power running all through multiple bases on the map, so you can see I've got power running there and then I've done the same thing out this way.

I've got telephone poles running all the way over to there from that same power, source um, it works and it takes.

It takes a lot of time to actually get it working, but once it is working, it's actually pretty cool.

I'm actually doing a test here where I'm testing out multiple jump short range teleporters to extend the range of the teleporter.

If you look, let's see which one do I go in, I think this is the start here.

So if you, if you go in the orientation on these teleporters is odd.

So whichever way you enter is going to be the same orientation you exit right so see, I just jumped two steps.

You can see that because my teleport cable here is actually running over to there and see, though so the way it works is, if you enter in from the left side of the teleporter you're, actually going to keep traveling the same direction as you exit the destination teleporter.

So if you glitch build a a third teleporter slightly underneath that one so that the direction of your movement automatically takes you into it, you can actually hop two jumps through teleporters here, which is what I found.

So I guess the object of the game here.

If you're doing this for players, exploring your base is to make sure to force them to enter your your short range teleporter in a specific orientation, see two jumps well anyway.

That's the end of the demonstration today.

I hope it was helpful on how uh trying to help you learn how to extend the power sources for your bases.

If you enjoyed the video, please give me a like and a subscribe.

You can find this.

Video on youtube.

Also channel is dave.

J plays until next time guys take care of yourselves and each other see you soon.



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Class O or B are the Best Systems

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The new update for No Man's Sky has introduced many quality-of-life features, including the ability for players to now own up to 12 ships.

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Can you not connect two bases together with power? You cannot.

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No Man's Sky is a game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated galaxy, available on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

Is there a 3000 limit in NMS? ›

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Reach 'Discoverer' status in Space Exploration

You'll need to warp 75 times in No Man's Sky to unlock this achievement. Warping in this context means having a ship equipped with a Warp Drive and enough Warp Cells to recharge it. This is before you even can warp to another star system.

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No Man's Sky: 10 Best Planet Types To Live On
  • 8 Marsh.
  • 7 Frozen.
  • 6 Barren.
  • 5 Water World.
  • 4 Dead Planet.
  • 3 Exotic.
  • 2 Lush.
  • 1 Paradise Planet.
Apr 23, 2023

What is the harshest planet in no mans sky? ›

Compakask-Mepp Major is a highly dangerous, small parched planet in the star system Kamaixingti on the PC version of No Man's Sky. This is the most dangerous planet in the system due to the sheer number of predators that inhabit it.

Is it possible to discover every planet in no mans sky? ›

In fact, it's almost unfathomably large. Your character wakes up on one planet, but No Man's Sky has 255 entire galaxies' worth of planets to explore, totaling up to more than 18 quintillion worlds. It would take you nearly 585 billion years to see them all. No, that's not a typo.

Is there an Earth planet in NMS? ›

Summary. Earth is the fourth planet closest to the sun in the star system Savjazz21 (Hilbert, Normal, PS4).

How do you power a Mineral Extractor? ›

You'll need the appropriate extractor type (Electromagnetic, Gas and Mineral) for each. Mineral and Gas Extractors have a storage of 250 and cost 50kP/s to power. You'll need to connect them a silo to store even more goods, which is highly recommended for a valuable hotspot.

How do you power a Mineral Extractor infected? ›

The Mineral Extractor requires Biofuel or Oil Cans to run. Alternatively, it can be powered by an Oil Pump, which will keep every Mineral Extractor on the map running as long as the Oil Pump is powered on.

How do you power a extractor? ›

Powering the Extractor

Like all other Industrial Craft processors, the Extractor is powered by EU. It can be powered by connecting it to an EU emitting block, such as the BatBox or an LV Transformer, or by placing EU storage items into it, such as the Single-Use Battery or RE Battery.

How many supply depots per Mineral Extractor? ›

For the Biome Specific Minerals such as Paraffinium, Phosphorus and Dioxite, you will need 3,200 for the 64 Stasis Devices, so no matter what the class of the Hotspot, you only need 1 Extractor and 3 Supply Depots as it only needs to make 200 per hour.

What is the best way to extract minerals? ›

The primary methods used to extract minerals from the ground are:
  1. Underground mining.
  2. Surface (open pit) mining.
  3. Placer mining.

Do mineral extractors work offline NMS? ›

If you are referring to the industrial extractors then yes. If the autonomous mining units no, these are still bug ridden. I have a full set of small bases to mine resources such as phosphorous, dioxite, uranium, etc. spread about my survival game.

Can you use oil extractor on corrupted? ›

Oil Extractor is a currency item that is used to create an Oil based on the anointment on that item. As with other currency items, it cannot be used on corrupted items.

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The minimal requirement to power a device is to connect a Control Panel to a Junction Box with a wire and then connect the Junction Box to the power-consuming device (e.g. Fridge) with another wire.

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