No Man's Sky - How to get RICH! (Larval Cores) (2023)


In this video first video of my new mini series: No Man's Sky Origins - How to make money EASY! pt. 1, I show off how to easily farm for Larval Cores to easily earn millions very, very fast.

All you to do find yourself a Cartographer inside of any Space Station and purchase a bunch of Emergency Cartography Data and then do scans for 'Abandoned Buildings' and farm them for all of there Larval Cores then move to the next one and the next one etc. Keep repeating this process until you run out Planetary Charts or whenever you want to stop, then go up to your nearest Space Station and go sell to claim yo money!


Yo guys, what's going on and welcome back to another, no man's sky video.

Now recently, when I've been going on youtube, I've often been finding that, when I want to like find out a new way to make tons of money find out most of the time, I'm they're talking about like ridiculous amounts of money that I'm never going to need all the videos are just way too complicated and long and yeah you don't even need most of that money.

So in this video I thought I was just going to break down some of the easiest methods of making money in this game easiest and quickest methods of making money in this game, because I know that a lot of you are probably having the same sort of issue that I'm having where, like you, don't want to spend like hours, trying to work your way up to like a ridiculous amount of money that you're never gonna need.

So in this video I'm gonna be breaking down some kind of classic tactics to uh, get millions still millions, we're still talking millions, but not billions.

So, let's go okay, so starting off with number one.

The first strategy is uh.

You want to come to the space station.

You want to come on this side, the side with the teleporter in the face terminal you want to go to the cartographer and then you want to click exchange maps and you want to purchase some of these.

Similarly planetary charts for emergency cartography data.

It's got like, I think, that's the red hexagon with the the two circles in it and you want to buy as many as you can really.

Okay, I can't believe it I mean I'm gonna buy like seven and you pay for them with navigational data.

So to get navigational data you need to um.

You need to interact with any of these things on the ground here, not on the ground, on the table.

So, for example, this cube or this kind of hologram uh.

I think it's just those two.

This one might be orange if you haven't interacted with it, but yeah come up with a prompt to interact with it.

So if you can't find any kohli, because you use them all up, so you need to go to a different space station, but once you have bought your planetary data, you just want to hold e plot the root okay.

So what happened here was a pretty common glitch.

This is why I say by more than one by quite a few of these, but what should happen is it should um send you the location of an abandoned building, but occasionally it would send you the location of an observatory for some reason.

So if this happens, you just want to go down to it and go up to it, so it just says structured, discovered or destination reached, and then you can just go back out and then rescan and it should give you an abandoned building, as you can see in encrypted navigational data boom.

I just got one there even spin, the chairs around all right now time for me to show you what should actually happen when you do this.

Okay, so here I am at the abandoned building.

This is what it should look like when you're an abandoned building and if you go inside there isn't really much inside of value to you.

There's only going to be like a corrupted terminal and a few boxes that you can search, but for a little bit of sodium and oxygen, but the real money is outside.

Okay, so you'll see some whispering eggs outside.

If you crack them open you'll see some larval cores, that's what you want to harvest but make sure that you don't get swarmed while you're doing this, because you can get nearly killed like.

I think I think I'm gonna get yeah, oh yeah, okay.

That is why you wanna make sure that you don't get swarmed.

You wanna pay attention to where the creatures are that attack you when you're doing this, but also make sure you get the larval cords because they despawn quite quickly also a ship has just landed.


Also um make sure you have enough inventory space because, as you can see well, I've got four there, but you can only hold up to five, but you see 279 000 units for just four and you can hold five in each inventory slot and then ten per slot in your technology and your cargo tab in your exosuit inventory.

So yeah keep that in mind.

Now, if you're looking at this and thinking how the hell is this supposed to be easy, I thought this was easy strategies for making money.

But yeah these monsters are quite opie, they're, the cmop and yeah.

They are op when you go up against them, but they are quite easy to take down with your bolt caster, as you can see, boom shredded another one.

Oh nearly just land a couple shots on them and you can kill them quite easily, but sometimes you don't even need to bother killing them, just hop on the roof and hop down again.

So you don't let them swarm you and you should be fine, just make sure they don't all like group up, and you should be okay plus, if you're playing on normal difficulty and you do die, then it doesn't really matter that much because when you got out your ship to get there, that automatically puts down a save point for you.

So then, when you die you'll just respawn at your ship and then you can go and collect all your gear from your grave right outside the abandoned building.

So at this point here you can see me counting up all of my larval cores.

I actually went to two different abandoned buildings and I got 41 larval cores now you would actually get more than 41, I think, but I lost, I lost quite a few of them either I lost them and they like rolled inside the spore type thing and I couldn't see them or they despawned before I could get to them because they had to like jump on top of the building or something like that.

But I still managed to get 41 and each stack of 5 is worth nearly 350 000 units.

So now I'm about to go ahead and sell them.

So now I go over make sure that I'm on exosuit inventory and I think, I'm in the wrong menu here- yeah tap cell, and then you want to look for your larval chords and they're 3.2 million for my 41 larval chords.

So that's just two abandoned building two abandoned buildings, so you I could have quite easily gone to plenty of abandoned buildings.

I could have gone to like 10, really it depends like how much how how much money you want and how much time you have and how much time you're willing to spend doing it, but it's a pretty simple strategy and uh pretty easy to do all right guys.

So I was originally gonna have multiple different strategies all in the same video, but it turns out that the video is coming up to 10 minutes now and I've only done one strategy.

So what I think I'm gonna do instead is um turn this into like a mini series of maybe like two two or three episodes and yeah, so uh yeah I'll cover more strategies soon in the next week or two remember to like and subscribe.

If you're enjoying the content and I'll see you in the next one, peace.


No Man's Sky - How to get RICH! (Larval Cores)? ›

It might seem like an incredibly bad idea to disturb the eggs, but it is the only way to get Larval Cores. Upon the destruction of a Whispering Egg, a Larval Core is dropped, and it needs to be picked up within a few seconds, or else it will disappear.

What is the easiest way to get Larval Cores? ›

It might seem like an incredibly bad idea to disturb the eggs, but it is the only way to get Larval Cores. Upon the destruction of a Whispering Egg, a Larval Core is dropped, and it needs to be picked up within a few seconds, or else it will disappear.

What is the best way to get Larval Cores in no mans sky? ›

Larval Core is obtained once you destroy the whispering egg and you need to pick it up quickly or it disappears. But you also need to be careful because when you do this, biological horrors will spawn and attack you immediately. And they can do a lot of damage quickly so try to jetpack away on some higher ground.

How many nanites do Larval Cores give? ›

Refining Larval Cores

Pick these up quickly, as they will disappear after a few seconds. When you have them in your inventory, you can then use a Refiner to turn Larval Cores into Nanites. The conversion rate is 1 Larval Core to 50 Nanites, so they're quite lucrative.

How much is the larval core worth? ›

It is worth 69,875 units and can be a valuable resource to those starting early in the game.

Can you farm for larval tears? ›

You can get a Larval Tear by destroying a Silver Tear disguised as a large inanimate ball after the bridge up the stairs in the immediate building after reaching the top in Nokstella, Eternal City. That's all about the Larval Tear farming guide.

What is the hardest No Man's Sky achievement? ›

Regardless of how good you are at the game, To Live Forever is one of the hardest achievements to unlock in the game. Permadeath mode is a challenging game setting that combines Survival mode with the knowledge that all of your progress will be deleted if you die.

What is the rarest pet in the farm egg? ›

Farm Egg Pets
5 more rows

What is the best early game money in no man's sky? ›

Farming chlorine is one of the easiest ways to make money during the early part of a No Man's Sky playthrough. The materials required for this method are easy to acquire and plentiful throughout space. You'll need chlorine, oxygen, and refiners.

Should I refine larval core? ›

Depends upon your situation. If you're low in funds, they do cash-in for a fair amount. But if you need Nanites, using them to refine into nanites is ok as well. Early game, gather and sell.

How often do whispering eggs Respawn? ›

You get all of them from one corral, jetpack to the next one, and you got all the eggs in less than five minutes. And since the eggs respawn every few days (and there are supposed to be ways of forcing them to respawn), you can do it over and over.

Where can I find whispering eggs? ›

Several nests can be found around an Abandoned Building and each one contains multiple Whispering Eggs. It can be found on dead or Infested planets lying on the ground out in the open.

Does larval tears respawn? ›

You will only get one Larval Tear from these enemies, they do not respawn.

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