No Man's Sky New Player Tips And Tricks 2023 (NMS Beginner Guide 2023 Update) (2023)


My No Man's Sky new player tips and tricks for 2023. Make Units fast. Make Nanites fast. Best upgrade. No Mans Sky 2023 Fractal Update


What are you at, ladies and gentlemen, my name is lycos and in today's video I'm going to be talking about new player tips and tricks in no man's sky from how to get units and nanites very quickly, all the way to the best upgrades for your multi-tool ship and Axle suit, let's start off with a very easy way to farm units.

Now this is probably the easiest method to farm units in the game, and you can also do this super early in your playthrough.

All you need is a ship and the positron ejector ship weapon.

You can get this weapon very early on in your playthrough as soon as you get to the anomaly.

This method is more effective.

If you have upgrades for depositron injector and the more S-Class upgrades you have, the more effective it'll be, and all you need to do is find a planet that has salt on it.

So just go around scanning planets as soon as you find one with salt on it head down there, plants with salt almost always have large bodies of water, then you're just going to land jump out of your ship head down and scan everything.

That's underneath the water.

The most important thing that you need to scan down there is whatever has salt as the main resource.

Once you get that you're just going to jump back in your ship and then fly around shooting down into the water you're gonna firm up all that salt, which is worth quite a few units, and then you're just going to fly to the space station and sell your salt to the pilots that are flying in as I said right now.

This is probably one of the easiest and earliest methods that you can do to get millions of units pretty quickly.

Now that's not saying that Hello Games is not going to change this in the future.

Hell games changes things so often in this game and that's why I have a couple more unit, farming tips for you later on in the video right now before we get further into the tips and tricks I want to talk to you about it's something that you're only going to be able to do for a limited time and that's the newest Expedition.

As of right now, there's four weeks left to this Expedition, but I highly recommend this Expedition, especially for new players.

Now I would recommend, as a new player that you start a normal playthrough first play through the first few hours of the game, maybe get as far as the anomaly get a little bit comfortable with the game, learn some of the systems and then try out the Expedition.

This expedition, in particular, is very new player friendly, and it gives you a ton of awesome rewards and then once you get to the end of the expedition, that playthrough just becomes a normal save and you even get an amazing amazing ship.

It's actually my new favorite ship in the whole game.

It only takes a few hours to finish this Expedition so make sure you take advantage of it.

While you still can now earlier.

We talked about a great way to farm units.

Now, let's take advantage of all those units to get amazing ships and an absolute ton of nanites, what we're going to need to do.

First, we're gonna need to pick up an economy scanner which you can also get on the anomaly and then we're gonna head out and explore so by this I mean that we're gonna go to our Galactic map and once we have the economy, scanner installed we're going to be able to see the economy for every system and we're going to be looking for three star economies whenever I'm playing no man's Sky.

The majority of systems that I explore are three star economy systems.

This is because you have a better chance of finding higher class ships and upgrades in three star systems, so we're gonna warp to the first three star system that we find once we get to the three-star system, we're going to use the economy scanner to scan for a Trading Post Trading Posts are very useful in this game.

They're the best place to go ship hunting, because ships are constantly coming and going from The Trading Post and if you're hunting for a high class or an exotic ship, there's no better place than a Trading Post in a three-star system.

A quick and easy way to check out the stats on the ships as they're flying in is just to use your analysis visor now.

Another thing that we can do here at the Trading Post is to firm nanites.

Now this is a very straightforward and easy method to do all we're going to be doing is buying up ships, bringing them up to the space station and scrapping them for their components and upgrades we're going to be selling the components to recoup some of our units and then we're going to sell the upgrades to an upgrade vendor for a whole bunch of nanites, and then we can repeat this process for as many times as we want.

As long as we've got enough units and then of course, we can use those nanites to buy upgrades for our ships multi-tool and our exo suit I usually find that I get the most bang for my buck.

If I avoid buying C-Class ships, I wouldn't advise using C-Class ships for this method, this method is even faster if you buy and sell the ships that are coming into the space station.

Now, let's talk about another unit, farming method that I like to use now for this method, we're going to be changing the goods availability to Abundant and we're doing this because then you'll be able to buy oxygen from Pilots.

All you need to do is buy up as much oxygen as you can afford, and you also need a little bit of chlorine once you have this you're just going to go to a base and then in your base, you're going to want a medium refiner and that blueprint you can get from the anomaly.

Then we're going to use the refiner to refine the oxygen and the chlorine into more chlorine, and because chlorine is worth a lot more than oxygen you're.

Making a ton of units like I said you do have to change one of the difficulty settings in order for this to work, or if you don't want to change this difficulty setting, you can also use oxygen Harvesters.

This is another way that you can get oxygen but is not nearly as fast as just buying it from the pilots.

Now speaking of your base, I always like to build bases near trading outposts.

This way, if you're into Base, building and you're spending a lot of time there building your bases or if you're spending a lot of time, say refining oxygen into chlorine, you can take breaks to check out the ships that are coming and going and maybe find one that you want to buy or you can buy them for the nanite farming method that I mentioned earlier and building your base at a trading post is also very useful, because then you always have Pilots right next to your base that you can sell stuff to now before we get to the end of the video.

Let's talk about the upgrades that I recommend for new players: let's start with the actual suit.

The best upgrades that I can recommend that you get for your Exo.

Suit is definitely the movement upgrades, it's very nice to be able to use your jet packs for longer.

As for your multi-tool I recommend that you get scanner upgrades a huge part of No Man's sky is getting out there and exploring and cataloging everything that you find, which means you're going to be scanning a lot of stuff.

So why not make a lot of extra units while you're doing it now a really good weapon to put on your multi-tool is the scatter Blaster.

This thing absolutely wrecks anything that you're shooting at highly recommend getting the scatter Blaster and then a few S-Class upgrades for the scatter plastic last up.

Let's talk about the upgrades for your ship hyperdrive upgrades are a must for any Explorer in no man's Sky you're going to be able to warp a lot further.

If you get the S-Class hyperdrive upgrades and then the last thing that I'm going to recommend is the positron ejector.

This thing is an amazing ship weapon.

It's like an overpowered shotgun for your ship and once you get a few S-Class mods for this thing, it is absolutely insane now.

That's it for the upgrades and the tips and tricks, as always, I appreciate you all watching hit that like button, if that's what you're into and of course, stay where you're at and I'll come where you're too later, everyone.


What should I do first in no man's sky 2023? ›

No Man's Sky: 20 Crucial Tips For Beginners
  1. 1 Explore Underground For Valuables. ...
  2. 2 Use Your Ship To Save Often. ...
  3. 3 Expand That Inventory. ...
  4. 4 Grab Missions From Space Stations. ...
  5. 5 Always Have Extra Fuel For Launch Thrusters. ...
  6. 6 Complete The Tutorial Alone. ...
  7. 7 When In Doubt, Just Relaunch. ...
  8. 8 Life Support Gel.
May 12, 2023

Is No Man Sky worth it 2023? ›

So, to answer the question, yes, No Man's Sky is still worth playing in 2023. No Man's Sky provides a comprehensive experience of the vast universe that other games just do not offer. The title definitely has something for everyone, whether you fancy farming, fighting, or just completing missions.

How long does it take to do everything in no man's sky? ›

A science-fiction game set in an infinite procedurally generated galaxy. How long is No Man's Sky? When focusing on the main objectives, No Man's Sky is about 30 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 139 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

What is the hardest thing to get in no man's sky? ›

Reach 'Discoverer' status in Space Exploration

You'll need to warp 75 times in No Man's Sky to unlock this achievement. Warping in this context means having a ship equipped with a Warp Drive and enough Warp Cells to recharge it. This is before you even can warp to another star system.

What should I get first in no man's sky? ›

Very early in No Man's Sky, you need to build a Portable Refiner. This is quite useful, since it lets you convert things like Sodium into Sodium Nitrate, which is a huge boost in resource efficiency. However, you need a Medium Refiner or a Large Refiner to really get cooking.

How many years would it take to fully explore no man's sky? ›

Your character wakes up on one planet, but No Man's Sky has 255 entire galaxies' worth of planets to explore, totaling up to more than 18 quintillion worlds. It would take you nearly 585 billion years to see them all. No, that's not a typo.

Is No Man's Sky truly infinite? ›

No Man's Sky is a game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated galaxy, available on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

Does no man's sky have multiple endings? ›

There is alternate ending in No Man's Sky - You just got to follow the Atlass Path while collecting Altass Stones. This way uncovers story of Atlas and is alternate way of completion - "My journey is complete.

How do you farm money in no man's sky? ›

Farming chlorine is one of the easiest ways to make money during the early part of a No Man's Sky playthrough. The materials required for this method are easy to acquire and plentiful throughout space. You'll need chlorine, oxygen, and refiners.

How long is 1 sol in no man's sky? ›

One Sol is the equivalent of one day in our world, but real-time it lasts only 15 minutes. In order to get Extreme Survival Level 1, it takes exactly one Sol, meaning if you wait on a planet with extreme conditions it will take 15 minutes to get the milestone!

How many galaxies are there in no mans sky? ›

The universe of No Man's Sky comprises 255 unique galaxies (the max value of an 8 bit unsigned integer). In turn, these are composed of: 4.2 billion regions (the max value of a 32 bit unsigned integer) Each of which contains somewhere in the range of 122 to 580 star systems.

What happens when you beat no man's sky? ›

If you manage to stay on track and complete the game's storyline, you will find yourself in a new galaxy. Choose one of four procedurally generated galaxies filled with an impossible number of randomly generated worlds. As far as mechanics go, it's the equivalent of New Game+. Narratively, everything begins again.

What is the rarest no mans sky creature? ›

Rangifae are considered one of the rarest land fauna in the game, with only a 0.25% chance to be found on a planet.

What is the harshest planet in NMS? ›

Compakask-Mepp Major is a highly dangerous, small parched planet in the star system Kamaixingti on the PC version of No Man's Sky. This is the most dangerous planet in the system due to the sheer number of predators that inhabit it.

What is the rarest thing in no man's sky? ›

Gold GUPPY with Cowled Rear Thruster: The rarest thing in No Man's Sky is the Gold GUPPY ship with Cowled Rear Thruster.

Is it worth it to play solo in no man's sky? ›

Yes its quite a good game, i play it 95% of the time in single player mode.

Where should I build my first base in no man's sky? ›

While it is not a good idea to build on dangerous planets, it is beneficial to build near them. As such, players should construct bases on planets in systems with varied planet types as this provides greater access to different types of resources.

Is it possible to visit all planets in no man's sky? ›

In fact, it's almost unfathomably large. Your character wakes up on one planet, but No Man's Sky has 255 entire galaxies' worth of planets to explore, totaling up to more than 18 quintillion worlds. It would take you nearly 585 billion years to see them all. No, that's not a typo.

How much is 18 quintillion? ›

The universe of “No Man's Sky” is gigantic with over 18 quintillion – or 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 – possible planets to visit.

Are there humans in no man's sky? ›

No Man's Sky sets its players adrift in the loneliness of infinite space to explore any of its quintillion procedurally generated worlds. Humans, social creatures we are, gradually began to find their way to each other, coalescing into groups large and small, the Galactic Hub being one of the first and most active.

Can you pirate no man's sky? ›

Players can choose to engage in piracy themselves by attacking a freighter or other ships in a space fleet. Doing this will alert Sentinel Drone Starships, who will engage in combat with the player. Selected ships display their cargo in the same way as resources do.

Has anyone ever explored all of no man's sky? ›

Less than 1/1,000,000,000 of 1% has been discovered. No, this game is simply very large. About 1% of the first or starter galaxy, Euclid, has been explored. Far less of any of the rest of the galaxies has been explored.

How many creatures can you have in no man's sky? ›

Players may adopt up to six creatures at any one time. New companion slots are available to be purchased with nanites. Your companions can be renamed, and then customised with a new range of accessories and decals.

Is there a limit to how many ships you can have in no man's sky? ›

The new update for No Man's Sky has introduced many quality-of-life features, including the ability for players to now own up to 12 ships.

How many ships can you own in no man's sky? ›

How many ships can you own in No Man's Sky. In No Man's Sky, all players will begin by owning one starship. Throughout the game, they can collect more starships and have up to 12 of them in their fleet.

What sells for the most in no man's sky? ›

Activated Indium is the most expensive element at over 900 units each. The most valuable items you can find are rare artifacts or bones that can be worth somewhere between 1-2 million units.

What is the biggest ship in no man's sky? ›

Hauler. Ships in this class feature a shield absorb class bonus, and they also boast the highest possible inventory spaces. These ships are the largest out of all the other starships (other than freighters), and may or may not have wing features on them.

How do you make money fast in no man's sky 2023? ›

Upgrade your Scanner and scan items

Another way of easily earning money early on in No Man's Sky is by utilising the Scanner (also known as the Analysis Visor). By using the item to scan various materials and resources around the planets you visit, you will be granted Units for each new discovery that you make.

What is the best item to craft and sell in no man's sky? ›

One of the most valuable items in No Man's Sky is the Stasis Device. This extremely difficult crafting recipe only exists to trade as rare treasure, and each one is worth 15,600,000 Units when traded. And getting the materials you need isn't even that hard.

What is the best plant to farm no man's sky? ›

The best value is Living Glass as it grows much more rapidly as both Liquid Explosive and Circuit Board grow in roughly 24 hours.

Do settlements in NMS make you money? ›

A well-managed settlement will produce plenty of materials - enough that a sucessful overseer may claim surplus resources each day. However, unproductive settlements may go into debt.

How to make money quickly? ›

How to make money fast
  1. Become a rideshare driver. ...
  2. 2. Make deliveries. ...
  3. Help others with simple, everyday tasks. ...
  4. Pet sit. ...
  5. Sell clothes and accessories online. ...
  6. Sell unused gift cards. ...
  7. Earn a bank bonus. ...
  8. Take surveys.
May 8, 2023

How long is 1 day on Mars? ›

How do you find extreme planets in NMS? ›

Any planet where the weather status is displayed in red font counts as an extreme planet. They are also distinguished by the word "Extreme" appearing above the Hazard Protection bar. Additionally, the planet must drain your hazard protection. Extreme lush planets often have normal conditions during clear weather.

How long is a soul the Martian? ›

As Mars orbits the Sun, it completes one rotation every 24.6 hours, which is very similar to one day on Earth (23.9 hours). Martian days are called sols – short for "solar day." A year on Mars lasts 669.6 sols, which is the same as 687 Earth days.

What is a lush galaxy? ›

Lush galaxy is a galaxy type and it is referred to in-game as Halcyon, Inspiring, Serene or Tranquil galaxy. These are considered as subtypes for Lush galaxy.

Is Euclid the only galaxy in NMS? ›

Summary. Euclid is the 1st galaxy in the No Man's Sky universe. The Fade and Galaxy Centre are fundamental parts of every galaxy.

What happens if you refuse Atlas? ›

If the player chooses to refuse the Atlas, they and their starship will be teleported back to the exotic planet reached via the final interface portal, with the starship located around 500 units away, and the mission will conclude immediately.

Can someone destroy your base in no man's sky? ›

Only a person that joins your game directly in coop is able to modify (potentially destroy) your bases.

What is the best path to take in no man's sky? ›

The Artemis Path is what you want to do. That will take you through the story, however, I do suggest though once you get to the part of the Atlas Path titled "The Purge" I would suggest you go through the Atlas Path at that time.

Should I start a new game in no man's sky? ›

Your old save should be fine. You can use the old save. The only question is do you want to experience the challenge of starting out again and seeing how things work out with all the changes since you last played or whether you just want to quickly be able to access the new stuff added.

Is no man sky endless? ›

No Man's Sky is a game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated galaxy, available on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

What happens if you accept the Atlas in no man's sky? ›

What's an Atlas Interface? If the player chooses to follow the Atlas storyline, then they will come across strange space stations run by the Atlas. Upon entering the station, they will be able to interact with the Atlas using the Atlas Interface located inside the station.

Can you make it to the center of the universe in no man's sky? ›

Black Holes are one of the fastest ways to reach the center of the galaxy. Each hole will spit you closer to the Galatic core faster than just using Hyperdrive. However, doing this will randomly damage some part of your ship every time you use one, and it's unavoidable.

Can your base be raided in no man's sky? ›

After a deal with raiders, your base can be attacked by other survivors during 24 hours. If you revenge or attack others' bases while being under threat, the risk of your base being attacked increases and the period of threat gets longer.

How many bases should you have in NMS? ›

Each save has a limit of 450 bases including one's freighter base, so 449 planetary bases. The game displays a generic "unsuitable location" error message once the limit has been reached. There is also a limit of 16,000 base objects per save and a 3,000 components upload limit per base.

Is no mans sky a grindy game? ›

The first few hours of No Man's Sky can be quite the grind. The title is an incredible experience as one of VR's best games with vast worlds, planet-to-space flying, multiplayer and robust building tools.

What are the chances of running into another player in no man's sky? ›

Your chances of intentionally running into a specific player who is making the same effort to run into you is 100%, provided you are both willing to put in the time to make the trip.

Does no man's sky have unlimited planets? ›

There are over 18 quintillion planets in the No Man's Sky universe -- to be precise, there are 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 fully fleshed-out worlds that anyone in the game can find and explore, and they're all very reasonably to scale with real planets.

Are there infinite planets in no man's sky? ›

The universe of “No Man's Sky” is gigantic with over 18 quintillion – or 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 – possible planets to visit.

Are there infinite galaxies in no man's sky? ›

The universe of No Man's Sky comprises 255 unique galaxies (the max value of an 8 bit unsigned integer). In turn, these are composed of: 4.2 billion regions (the max value of a 32 bit unsigned integer) Each of which contains somewhere in the range of 122 to 580 star systems.

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