No Man's Sky Origins Permadeath Nexus Speed Run Shortcut Exploit Captain Steve Glitch NMS 3.05 Cheat (2023)


No Man's Sky Origins Permadeath Nexus Speed Run Shortcut Exploit Captain Steve Glitch NMS 3.05 Cheat - Discovered By Scottish Rod:

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I am at the begin initialize screen and this is permadeath mode.

Let's just hold down square there we go and there we go, and would you look at this so at the moment it looks like I've just been brought into a random system, as you always are, everything is going to be broken to heck.

I don't like the name of the planet.

Potty, it's like I'm being potty trained, jumps yeah.

Well, it is a tutorial, so we're back at dawn of life, we're on this frozen landscape world in permadeath mode.

I can see an anta leap and ant eater type lope over there, an antelope yeah there we go and uh yeah, I quite like the the planet, so you can see through the skyline there yep there's no way to speed this up.

You kind of have to just go with it, but yeah there we are.

I've got a broken multi-tool.

Well, thank you very much lovely like that's a good use not and yeah come on yep excellent.

Ah here I am all right, so I can skip this bit but then look at this.

If I press down on my d-pad look, what I've got return to the space and I'm a lie, so I can just press that and uh yeah as if by magic zoom, so that race, I did a little while ago with survival bob where it took us well over.

It took us ages, didn't it to get here, but there we go.

My ship is still on fire, though so I can't actually take it out of the nexus it's completely fubar to hell, but the actual system of space I mean.

If I go to my discoveries page now, I think yeah I am in the galactic hub.

So how cool is that? So technically, if I turn my multiplayer on right now, hopefully I get a load of hoovers or well hub hub dwellers that might be able to help me out in getting this thing fixed.

But right now I can't do anything with this ship.

It's completely scuppered.

It's um, yeah, critically damaged, I'm not going anywhere in it.

It's gonna tell me to repair my multi-tool and all other stuff which um I just kind of skipped all that bit so at the moment, I'm in a bit of trouble, but yeah, that's how you get to the nexus in super quick time and I'm actually in the hub.

So if I could now just get myself down to a planet somehow which means fixing my ship and my multi-tool, but then I've completely scupped, all my um, my tutorial, I I, I really don't know how I get out of this jam now, but there we go.

That's something you can exploit.

If you really want to.

It works a lot better for creative mode in getting somebody into creative mode straight away into the hub, because um yeah, you can just fix everything anyway in creative mode.

It doesn't really matter.

I don't know how you could actually use this to your advantage in permadeath.

This was just how to do a speed run by cutting a serious freaking corner, but it it's a corner.

It's cutting your nose off just like spider face, because I can't do nothing with this busted up ship.

At the moment I can turn on um.

You know network settings and just hope I get super lucky by somebody being super kind and helping me fix my ship, but there we go.

That's everything.

I've got for you james, I mean technically, you could probably go up to the portal and use the portal and hope that one of the ambient players in game- you could maybe jump down to their base and maybe it might still be in the hub who knows but hopefully being in the hub now, maybe it might appear on my teleporter list.

I don't know I haven't got that far.

I haven't got the mind blown emoji either.

So I can't do that.

So here we go yeah.

I have no idea what to do with this, but hopefully one of you guys out there in the verse might find this of interest.

I just find it funny because yeah this would be super awesome if I would have pulled this out the bag when going up against them survival bob.

Wouldn't he would just see me vanish from the planet right at the start and I'll be like yeah, I'm in a nexus.

I'm done goodbye survival bob, but there we go.

That's pretty much! How you do that and uh.

Actually, if you're watching you haven't seen me do this yet so here we go.

This is how I set all this up people.

So if you want to do this here, you go continue watching excellent and I'll see you all soon goodbye goodbye, bye, welcome back chum's rights, you're wondering how I probably done that voodoo magic.

Well, I will show you chum so once you're inside of the nexus, all you need to do is run up to a portal, I'm in my normal, safe at the moment.

So you could do this in any sort of game mode.

Be that creative, normal just one of your other saves where you've already got the nexus and just run up to the portal up here.

So here we go.

I'm just going to fly through the air jump through this little opening here and run down past toughest past mercury into this big whirly, mantually, bloom and portal.

Lemon thing and all you got to do is choose you know, one of your other bases or anything that you've got pretty much.

Even one of these, you could use one of these.

If you like yeah here, you go, I'd use ray reynolds there we go, we'd use ray reynolds, we'll just go there so warp to the pagoda.

Let's go.

Let's do that! We've arrived at now.

What I need to do really is go to my ship and create a quick, auto safety, just jump in my ship and out of my ship.

Wherever it's put my ship, where the heck is my ship.

Okay, this could be a bit of a problem I am yeah.

Maybe I should have walked to a different base.

It's got landing pads or something but uh yeah.

I don't know where my ship is fantastic, but yet um, maybe I can just call it in.

Let's just call my ship in, but what you want is this little save logo.

So here we go.

Let's just uh call my ship down and there we go.

We just landed there, that's a bit precarious, but there we are um.

If you've got a base, that's got a save point.

You can just hit up a save rather than doing this but yeah.

Just I I do a save.

I don't know whether you need to so I'm just going to jump in my ship and out of my ship now.

What it's going to do, though, is when I boot up the next mode, and it gives me the return to nexus symbol.

It should return me to the system where I was before here now.

The system where I was before here was the galactic hub, the new hubba that jumps.

That was the last place I was at so when I fire up permadeath now it should automatically transport me over to that area of space, so I'd be in the hub anyway.

So yeah.

If you want a quick, if you want to a helping hand, you know where better to be than in the hub.

Let's give it a go.

Okay, so here we go, I'm going to go into the menu.

Now I'm just going to go to options.

Oh just beforehand, just want to check they're still there that symbol is definitely still there to return to anomaly.

There we go and then I want to go to quit to mode select hit that, yes, I'm sure, there's 42 seconds I'll, never get back again.

I hit play game and then I go to new game and I select whichever mode I want and it's it should take me straight to the um.

Well, here we go.

Let's hit perm, that first yeah jams now we've looped all the way back around, and you saw this at the start.

This is how I started my video, and here you go, I'm going to hit initialize, and you see that I start on that planet portani.

So what I've done is actually recorded the lend bit first and then recorded the start, and then I had to splice them together.

It's been here woody piggly, but hopefully you get the idea of what I did well.

Thank you very much for watching this video and, if you like, what you see please hit a like or a subscribe and yeah or you can support my channel through patreon.

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You see here now stay with captain steve for a bit longer.

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