The Lord of the Skies 4 | Episode 1 | Telemundo English (2023)


Official video of Telemundo content The Lord of the Skies 4. Rutila survives the attack and faces her enemies. The Colombians and Don Feyo try to kill the lord of the skies' daughter.


Aurelio Casillas, associated with political strategists, has managed to put a puppet of his allies in the armchair of the pines, finally reaching the place he has always desire: the Summit of power. But this season, will not be the law but his own body which may limits him to his aspirations. A complicated kidney disease will force him to rely on people of his blood to find a donor for the neccesary transplantation which could be life-saving. Not finding compatibility with any of his close relatives, Aurelio would resort to his long record of amorous conquests that he has spread by the world, looking for a lost child that may be his salvation.


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The Lord of the Skies 4 | Episode 1 | Telemundo English


Cc: TELEMUNDO NETWORK I'm, the one running this f------ country.

I'm, making sure you're all taken care.


I've got an eye on my enemies.

I'm with everyone who wants to make a deal with the devil, because nobody f---- over the devil.


I am the devil.

Hand me that Uzi, Pompeyo! Damn it! He's hit! Let's get out of here! Reyes! Follow that truck! An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, Aurelio! You killed my daughter? Now I'll kill yours! Get up, buddy.

Let's get out of here.

Let's go! Rutila?, Rutila! My enemies will never make a fool of me.

Again, Victor.

You think it's coincidence.

I got to where I am? Santa didn't get me.


It wasn't a birthday present.

If it were easy, everybody would be doing.


What's the point? You're f----- anyway.

You, might be The Lord of the Skies, or call yourself the devil like you just did, but you're still going to die, mother------.

You'd like that, wouldn't you, f-----? That's, not all I, feel toward you.

Like I've told you, thousands of times, I hate you for what you did to Chabela and my children.

I hate you for not giving a damn about others'.


I even feel sorry for you.

But jealous? Not on your life.

I'd hate to be in your shoes.


I won't give any of you.

The pleasure., The Grim, Reaper and I are old, friends, and my time isn't up.


I won't! Let any of you ingrates see me.


I've been in worse situations, and look at me.

I'm still here! And.

Don't you forget it.

Ask, your girlfriend.

She knows me., Ask, Monica., You, don't know how long I've been waiting for an opportunity like this, you, bastard.

You, okay? Yes, just a little shaken up.

Please answer.


Where are you? Are you okay? We're fine.

How about you? We're, fine.

Tell me where you are., Make sure you don't get caught.

Tim, call headquarters and ask for backup.

They're following us, Rodrigo.

Step on it! We're, being followed! Rutila..

Rutila?, Faster!, Go, faster, Tarzan.

They're on to us.

Keep walking! Careful, with that gun, young lady.

You can have my cell phone, my watch, and all the money in my wallet.

Nobody wants your money, Abel.

You, don't know who I am, do you? We must be careful, ma'am.

There might be cameras.

Shut up, Ramon., I'm, Monica Robles.

How are you, Uncle? Monica? Have you been following me? No, you fool.

I've got more important things to do than to follow.


But I can't squander this gift.

Walk! You think I'm jealous that Monica used to be with you? Give me a break.

I'm above that.

I know what I've got with her.

So you'll have to try another tack.

Just, look at yourself.

You're, a mess.

You, don't take care of yourself, and you're still drinking.

Things would be so much easier.

If you let us work in peace.

But, you just can't.

You've got to stick your damn nose in everything.

Mark, my words.

That's, going to be your downfall.

Wrong, Victor.

I'm, still in the business because I'm on top of every damn detail.

What about the rest of us? I.

Guess we mean nothing.

We have to wait for you to decide on everything?, If so,! Don't count on me for anything.

If, you don't like it.

You can go f--- yourself.

Fine by me., You! Think I'm here for fun? Nope.

I'm out of here.

You still have to do things my way, and stop your bitching! Garcia.

It's Rawlings.

I'm with Rivero.

We were just attacked.

What? An attack?, Is Rivero okay? Yes, he's fine.

In fact.

We both are in case you're, interested.

We're, just outside his house.

Rutila fled, and she's being followed.

Send reinforcements.

Do you understand? You got it.

I'll head out now, with two contingents of troops.

This is Perez.


We've got a situation with former Secretary Rivero.

So if you're available, come to the station, but make sure you're armed because we depart immediately., Hello, hello.

We're, looking for Rivero.

I'm headed to his house.

He, was just attacked.

But for your information, Rivero tendered his resignation as Secretary of Defense.

In fact, he's no longer even in the Navy.

Excuse me.

After you.

This is good.

News, isn't it? Everything's, always so easy for you.


You see? I, used to run this place.

These were my stomping grounds, my pigpen.


What I'm, thinking? We should help this tomboy Garcia with the mission.



Let's find out what's going on because it's obvious whoever launched this attack has nothing to do with us.

It's, not part of the president's plan to pacify the country.

Let's go.

You're going to be fine.


You die on me.

This, way., Keep, going!, Hold, on!, I, don't know if the Colombians got to her, Feyo.

They're, not answering.


If they didn't, tough luck.

What, can we do? Step on it! Hurry!, Let's, go! Don't? You die on me.

Ramon, step outside., -But, ma'am..., -Leave, Ramon.

I'll be just outside.

If you need me., You can put the gun, down.

I'm, not a threat to you.

I'm, not armed, and I.

Never will be.

I'm sure, you're, aware I always opposed your brothers' and father's lifestyles.

Yes, I heard.


You don't need a gun to ruin someone's life.

You, for example, kept.

My aunt from her family.

You abandoned her.

While she was dying, and you did nothing to save her.

That's a lie, Monica.

Your aunt was very sick.

There was nothing.

I could do to save her.


Be easy to judge me without you knowing what really happened with your Aunt Teresa.

You weren't, there.

Your, father, detested, me., I'm.

Sure he put ideas in your head and your brothers'.


All I know is my father loved his sister.

You kept her away from everything, and it's that loneliness that killed her.

Do you have children, Monica? I.

Imagine you do.

Aren't, you always protecting them and keeping them away from bad influences?.


Dare talk to me about protection and affection? You have no shame, you bastard.


Do you think the point of all this is? To produce coke and supply the entire world! That's some job you're doing.

Yes, Victor, they're, minor, operations, and I'm still giving them to you.

Know, where Esperanza is now? Scratching the Venezuelan ambassadors, b---- right now.

You must think I'm a real idiot, huh? I've been working with the Venezuelan generals for years.


Anybody knows how things work over there.

It's me! And, you probably see it as the biggest drug distribution center in the world.

Don't you? That's peanuts, Victor.

What's in Venezuela is a s---load of money.

More than you can imagine.


What a trillion dollars.

Is? Populism has gotten us: nowhere., Old, vices, new characters, and the same old corruption.


Thankfully we can count on men like you, who've realized that those policies have brought nothing but more misery., One step at a time, Esperanza.

My job for now, as a gentleman and ambassador, is to fix the problem with your passport.


You bring your birth certificate? Yes.

Here it is.


Don't look at my date of birth.

Smart, beautiful women like you are ageless.

You're ambrosia to the gods..


You've been tainted by the devil.

You, Abel Teran, were never a good father to your child and kept him away from his family.


Did you expect? For me to let him play thief with your brothers, so he could end up dead.

Like them? Another word about my brothers and I'll blow your head, off! I'm, a straight shooter., Blunt even.

I always wanted my son to be as well, but that wasn't.


I will tell you one thing.

Never, doubt my love for my son.


He doesn't love you so much.

Stop that car.

Out! Get out of here! -You're not going to die! -Let's go! I, see you know a lot about his life.


You see each other often? Our paths, diverged..

Even more! So now that he's president.

I think you'd, better go.

I'd say it's been a pleasure, but I'd be lying.

Who told you I'm, leaving? To me.

It will be a pleasure to pay you back for what you did to my aunt.

For, how my father suffered, because he was powerless to save her.

And for how much you've ruined Omar's life.

You picked the wrong lady to mess.


-Hi, ma'am.


How's everything around here? How are Aurelio, Luzma, and Carlitos? Everything's fine, ma'am.

Carlitos is doing his homework.

Luzma is asleep, and the boss is in his office.

I'll help you with this.

Thank you.

Right, this way.

Let's go guys.

We need a doctor right, away! Relax, there's a doctor nearby that Cabo and me found when we were working.

Together., F--- me., Hello?, Hey, bro.

This is no way to do.


You abandoned us, you son of a bitch.

Let's all be respectful.

Go to hell, dirtbag! Gustavo.

We need his help! Relax, buddy.

Settle down, Gustavo.

We're following Rutila, and if we kill her, we'll see you at the hotel and have a party.

This, isn't Gustavo, bastard.

Listen up.

We can't head over there.

Reyes is hurt.


Can we help you with that? Head to Hueso Avenue.

In, the meantime, we're going to kill this girl.

Talk to you, later.

Hopefully? This trip won't have been in vain.

Are okay, miss?, Know, what, Pompeyo? If.

We don't lose them, we'll turn around when we get to the monument and open fire on them.

I've, never heard you talk like that.

I, like it.

It's, a matter of life or death.


What I say! What's up? Did? You lose them?, No, they're still after us.

Find a squad car or a police station, and tell me where you are so I can send you.


Naval troops are on their way.

What for? So.

My people and me can be thrown in prison? No, Rodrigo.

I'll call you later.

Don't, hang up, Rutila.

Looks like we lost them.

Damn, there they are.

When, we get to Monument Street, turn around.

We'll, wait for them.


No, miss.

It's, just three of us.

Who knows how many they've got? My father always said.

He who strikes first strikes.


We've already struck once.


What I say! You do what you damn? Well please.

If! You want to go to Colombia or anywhere else.

That's your f------ problem.

Just! Don't bother me with what I'm doing.

For that, I'd have to know what exactly it is: you're doing.

But! It's obvious I'm, not important enough for you to share that with, right? You'd rather surround yourself with people like Bull.

You're, a real piece of work, Uncle.

And you're f------ rude.

What's, wrong?, I'm fine, damn it.

Turn, around, Tarzan! They turned right! They're.

Turning off the street! Back me up! I'll see you on the other side! -Careful! -I will be! Rutila's getting away! We've roped off the area.

Just tell us where your girlfriend is so we can go, get her.

She's, not answering.


The hell are you doing in my house? We came to see you at headquarters and found out everything.


Now, you know, so you can leave.

Calm down, Rivero.

Think about it.

Nobody knew you'd resigned.

Your post.

This was an attempt on the life of the Mexican Secretary of Defense and the DEA representative in your country.

That's right, Rivero.

And, like it or not.

We are security agents, assigned by the president, himself.

See? What's wrong, Aurelio? Your blood pressure, dropped, dramatically.

Let me see., I'm, fine.

I'm, just tired of all this horses--- that's all.

We were arguing as always.


The only way he can relate to others.

Well, to other men.

He's got other ways of relating to women., I'm sure, you've, noticed.

Just tell him not to worry.

Monica and I are going to your homeland, so he won't have any more episodes because of us.


Don't think it's just an episode, like you, said.

I think it might be more serious.

I'll take a blood sample later to find out what exactly is bothering him.


He very sick?, Yes.

And he'll only get worse.


Does it feel to have your face busted by a filthy, drug trafficker?, Ramon!, Ma'am?, Tie him up, gag him, and stick him in the closet.

Bye, Uncle Abel.

I'll, wait for you, outside.

Boss! What's up, Vitaminas?, Everything, okay? Hey.

How is Bull behaving himself?, Alright., Don't, worry.

We're, keeping an eye on him.


But there's another problem.

-What is it? -It's serious.

What is it?.

Your daughter was attacked., Attacked? Who told you? What happened to her?, I'm told she was able to escape, but it wasn't.


They fired a missile at her truck.

But is Rutila safe, f-----? She and Pompeyo escaped, but the bastards followed her! I, don't believe this s---.

Answer, the phone, Rutila.

Answer, honey.

Rutila! Answer! Damn it! Since you're interested in investing in real estate in the state of Mexico, we'd, also like to have access to certain other benefits.

In exchange for protection, of course.

Protection you'll have in the state.

The same kind.

We offered Ruth Mendez and her daughter.


She started her clothing factory, we knew..

Hold on.

Slow, your roll.


Does my daughter have to do with all this? Are you threatening her or what? It was that son of a bitch.

Don't go anywhere.

We're going to counterattack.

I want you and a bunch of men armed to the teeth.

May Lucifer be with you.

This has nothing to do with the peace.

The president is promoting., We, don't want any scandals.

Initial reports estimate five dead.

Just here out, front.

Of them, two had Colombian passports.

Which means we can suppose one of the Colombian cartels was behind it.

But why? Maybe, they did know you resigned and they think you're with the cartels.

In fact.

It's pretty obvious, which cartel you're with, Rivero.

How long does he have if he doesn't get a kidney? I, don't know.

It varies.

It can be a month.

A year..

He could have another incident and not recover from it.


Let's change the subject.

May I ask you something? Did, you tell Luzma.

She was going to Colombia? I'm, not asking because she said anything.

I ask because she was asking a lot about Colombia, which I found curious., Yes, Amparo, I did tell her., Monica and I.

Think it's better for her to come with.


We want the same for Rutila.

She's, better off there than at the mercy of her lunatic dad.

Her life in danger at every moment.

He can deny it all.

He wants, but his enemies are everywhere.

Even his own home.

It's me, mother------.

What happened with Cirilo Flores? What.

Do you mean what happened? Didn't you tell me not to do business with him? I told him day before yesterday, and this morning he called to tell me he was leaving San Luis Potosi this afternoon, but would like to meet this evening.

I said no, of course.

That son of a bitch tried to kill Rutila.

I'm certain it was that bastard.


Do you mean he tried to kill her? That bastard's, a gangster, and we all know it, but I.

Doubt he'd.

Go that far.

Your daughter's safe, right? I, don't know! You said San Luis Potosi, right? Yes,! That's where he's from.

What? Are you going to do? We need to talk about Monteverde and Feyo Aguilera.

Listen, Monteverde and Feyo can wait, damn it! Right.

Now Rutila is more important! -Vitaminas -Yes? Find out who the hell we have in San Luis Potosi.

You got it, boss.

And, make sure you're strapped! THE LORD OF THE SKIES IV.

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