Trails in the Sky Walkthrough #22 - Bear Claw Survey and Nebel Valley Monster (2023)


Time to put off finding our dad, instead faffing about in the Nebel Valley!

We talk to a random guy in a hut who has cooked something extra-special for us, before finding the Bear Claw for Spence.

Once that's done and dusted, we head to the other side of the Valley and look to take out the Nebel Valley Monster, Master Cryon! And those annoying Boiled Eggers...

This is a Max BP Let's Play/Walkthrough of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. I also plan to complete the Recipe Book and Monster Guide! We're currently on Chapter 1 - The Disappearance of the Linde!

Missions Done
Bear Claw Survey (completed)
Nebel Valley Monster (completed)

Enemies Encountered
Giant Foot
Ice Pecker
Snow Mantis
White Insectos
Master Cryon
Boiled Egger G
Boiled Egger R

Recipes Learned
Abaddon Potluck

Estelle Bright - Stun Rod, Leather Jacket, Work Boots, Silver Earring
Joshua Bright - Dual Razors, Leather Jacket, Knitted Shoes, Silver Earring, White Bracelet
Scherazard Harvey - Blitz, Armor Vest, Spikes, Silver Earring

Estelle - Poison, Attack 1, HP 2, [Locked], [Locked], EP Cut 1
Joshua - Blind, Action 1, EP Cut 1, [Locked], [Locked], Attack 1
Scherazard - Impede 2, Action 1, [Locked], [Locked], Evade 2, Eagle Vision

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I've watched Jay be here and walk back to another episode of legend of Haris trails in the sky.

In the previous episode we took on and down the Thunder quake in the West Coast Highway.

In this episode we're going to explore them.

Napa Valley Nabal is German for fog in case you know, but yeah here we are, and the first thing we're gonna do is get some destruction here and wait.

I want to go east to another screen, there's only two screens, don't worry and there's four new enemies and I will take them on as I find them.

So you get a perimeter which is nice, and these are the ice Packers weak to fired.

Hopefully, now you understand why I wants to people in this pass.

Have fire magic arts, arts, mods fire awesome? Much, do the same thing, I'm glad you all understand and down.

He goes yeah we're not getting a lot of we're, not getting a lot of experience at this point, so we can look to actually avoid monsters bar at it.

So ground we go and there's nothing render me.

This is if I remember correctly, the right.

Insectos not weak or strong against anything, but not love HP.

So guess what we're gonna do.

That's right beat the crap out of it, nice, okay, so that's the ice packet and the white insectos down it.

Might this might look long and widely and complicated, but we haven't actually come to a job here until now, and the first thing we'll do is take the west junction.

We want to go down here and round.

I will get to this house here and, of course we want to go in and we want to talk to this guy wembler you've done.

Rather, what makes this place? There's not much I can offer you but make yourselves comfortable indeed, but you can share your meal with us and we ate the Avedon potluck and yeah.

Look at Stella's HP.

Someone is down to one HP and in fact, if you look at the recipe book, a blonde potluck yeah just put someone down to one HP, that's exactly what it does we sort of rest now.

Luckily, wembler is nice enough to lend us his bed.

We can also shop here, but you know, read: tell soup, tear bomb, purging bomb, softening bomb, insulating tape and reviving bomb.

Let's get a couple more driving bombs.

Why not cool? And let's head out cool, do you want to go back to our Junction now that I didn't really point out the obvious on and I'm gonna take on the enemies here until I get 200 CP because remember we do have in our brace notebook, then everybody monster and we just want to keep on going round and we'll take this guy out and eventually we'll get to the other way.

This is the snow Montes and just like the name dictates he's also weak to fire parts.

So there we go, isn't life wonderful, we prepare for fire usage and we're using them to kill things in the Napa Valley I am making this look a lot easier than a genius and the passes I've shown so far have been like just against a single enemy and I think biggest happened.

Yeah they do get tougher.

Don't worry anyway, for the bear claw vote for the bear core survey.

We're gonna examine this here.

Look its back for found back, walk whew.

After all this walking, we finally found the dang thing: no, we've gots to tell that old man in the boys market about this place.

Estelle, because it's you I have to ask.

Do you know the name of this place? Oh come on Cheryl.

Who do you think I am an idiot.

This is the nether valley, right, I, think she I think in the translation that she was going to say never Valley, because the bees and bees and Japanese are the same.

So if you know Victini, the Pokemon in the Japanese is Victini.

So there we go.

The names definitely got a nice sound to it.

Estelle it's the Nebel Valley, oh I'm, glad you asked of that.

I asked give me a break I'm a grown girl.

If you haven't noticed I'm, not sure what kind of excuse that's supposed to be me, neither Joshua alright, alright! Already it's back to work for us come on.

Let's get out of here, unbelievable one more thing I want to do whilst I'm here is I, want to avoid you and I want to avoid you too, and I'm gonna keep on avoiding people, because that's what I do I'm a master at it go round conveniently avoid this fight convenient despite as well it's up here.

No does something later convenient for this fight.

I go in here, get the Strega ours and what a quip that straight onto a stealth, no messing about Wow, look at that boosts a slight boost in slightly to power and we'll just to subsonic battle our equipment and then I'll tell you what one good day I'm gonna meet you back at where we first came into them: the the Napa Valley, the Nebel, Valley, okay and we're back, and instead of taking the bike path.

This time where you're gonna take the left part and the first thing we're gonna see as we go to the left part I'm, stuttering for a reason there he is there's the big bad himself.

That is not a hunt that is a normal monster.

Yeah he's huge! Are we get a preemptive strike? This is the giant foot and he's also weak to fire.

You saw us if you can sense a theme of source anyway.

What we want to do is show some respect, because this guy has very high defense, so we're just gonna use our fire art, sir, and look at how little damage we do yeah.

This is joint, but my personal advice for this is that, unless you are supremely confident in your skills to actively avoid fights with these guys, I just think nothing gonna come over there, just really slow.

That's that's their downside or upside for us.

Is that they're really slow, but when they hit they hurt, they really hurt.

Don't have shadow speak yet on Shahrazad I could show this fear this for Joshua yeah see he's not doing anything, it's just what they do when they do something I didn't split there, but yeah take my advice and if you don't well, you know don't come crying to me when you ain't getting game over anyway.

The good thing about fighting those giant foots the one redeeming feature of fighting them is that they have that HP to quartz.

But if you've been following this guide, you took on an easier enemy to get those from in the form of wisdom.

So you don't need expert support anymore anyway, I'm just Metal, Gear Solid doing my way around this yeah.

Okay, there's a reason I'm doing this by the way round and round Dada Dada Dada Dada Dada there he is.

This is the Nevel Valley monster.

This is the big guy.

This is the guy that your mother warned you about.

When you were younger first things: first, we are going to heal yeah cool yeah.

We are going to exterminate the sky.

Here we go.

This is the master cry on weak to fire.

This guy's also expire I, this guy's weak to water.

Do not I repeat, do not get them all mixed up.

It will end in tears.

First thing we want to do is get rid of the bootleggers because they are really annoying.

Don't worry, everyone uses arts and you can see who they're targeting they're talking, Joshua and they're talking targeting Shahrazad with Charizard.

What we want to do is use some soul blur and if you, if you're ever wondering different, simple deck, Aegean world agora, the G stands for green and the R stands for red you're.

Welcome if I, if I haven't blown your mind, I'll be very surprised.

Okay, so we are doing all right.

Blue impact happens and it deals 202 Scherer, that's all very nice.

These guys do get hard.

They do hit hard there.

We go eventually we'll get our turn back cool.

So Joshua at this stage wants to use shadow.

Can we use halgate? Actually we can hit both of those with this.

That's what I'm going to do, and then soul blur we'll finish off the boiled egg of G, the second by Lego G and then we'll use aqua bleed on Cisco.

So don't think how gates going to finish it off.

In fact, it wasn't close to finishing it off.

Okay, so you've got another round of arts coming up.

It's gonna hurt cool another one down three down.

Two to go another boo impact- oh ouch, okay, hmm I! Think for this round.

Let's see ya board, Egger has full health, but it will take them.

Two turns so: I'm gonna start using arts.

Now, okay, 237 nice, yeah I bleed on this guy I'm hovering using the aspirates, but I don't need to that's a problem: they're not hitting Shahrazad.

That's the good news, so I'm, just gonna tear by my baby, okay, it's looking like Ariel is: what's coming.

Next, six I can deal with that Ariel or blue impact diamond dust.

A semi died, nope and music change.

You better get this yeah anyway, so let's carry on fighting at these I could have just used s crafts and cheese to fight, but you know where's the fun in that it's very fun go.

Get me wrong.

It's actually very fun to choose fights down.

He goes he's cake.

Indeed, everyone gets an experience.

You get some nice Sabbath as well forget to olive oils, but nothing else, and we accelerated motrin an herbal ally in Neville, Neverland.

Okay, what else we want to do? We want to pick up this to get the cut ours I'm, not entirely sure, that's how they were going to spell it, but there we go strength plus 34, so a nice boost actually there from 90 to 99 Sonya.

What can do is I'm gonna meet you back at the bone, spray secures to both side quests in the Napa Valley do I say the bows bracing guild I meant the bows market.

Of course we need to talk to Spence and finish up with a bear claw survey good afternoon.



Oh it too braces again.

Is it? Have you made any progress in your search? You bet we did.

It looks like there's a happy.

Tough bear, paw flowers in the bows region as well.

We found some growing in the Napa Valley there weren't many of them, but there should be enough for you to use your in your medicine.

This is wonderful news.

I see the bear claws been said to grow well in humid places.

Now that I think about it.

The Neville Valley is the perfect place for them to grow.

I appreciate you helping me out there like this.

Now, how can I put my foot now? I can put my full effort into preparing this new medicine.

Great good luck with your work and have a wonderful day.

Walgreen we'll be going, then quest back wall survey completed fantastic.

So now we can go to the to the boughs brace guild.

Talk to Lu Guren handin beck will survey for another four BP, so you should be up to 74 BP now and a thousand mirror, and you could also report noble belly monster for another five BP and two thousand mirrors HP, so 9 BP now, if you've been following the guide so far, but still beans to still be in seven class, but don't worry about that.

There's a long way to go just yet so yeah so looks like we've done everything what you're doing the side quest stuff now.

So when we go back to the main quest find out next time in the meantime, thank you very much for watching, don't forget to leave a like on the video and subscribe for more I've been JP.

This has been the legend of heroes.

Charles in this guy and I'll see you in the next one.


Where is the bear claw in trails in the sky? ›

Once you get to the area containing the Nebel Valley Monster (if already defeated, it is the area just before the bridge to the red chest) look for a small cave under the raised path to the north. If you follow this path to the end, you will find the Bear Claw you seek.

Where is the bear claw in Bose? ›

Travel to the Nebel Valley 1st Map and follow the west path, when a crossroad appears take the east downhill path to where Master Cryon resides. Head through the tunnel behind Master Cryon, the Bear Claw is situated at the end of the path. Speak to Spence at the Spence Pharmacy to complete the quest.

Where is Nebel Valley? ›

The Nebel Valley is a mountain range west of Rolent and east of Bose, located north of the East Bose Highway - 1st Map. The range covers the approximate size of Grancel extending to it's borders, the paths are windy and foggy making navigation to the average traveller not worth the risks.

Where is trails in the sky set? ›

Trails in the Sky FC follows the journey of Estelle and Joshua Bright, as they train to become bracers in the Liberl Kingdom. Spurred by the disappearance of their father, they travel through the five regions of Rolent, Bose, Ruan, Zeiss, and finally Grancel.

How do I get to the Whale Trail? ›

Potberg & Whale Trail:

Take the N2 from Cape Town to Caledon. Turn right at the second turn off to Caledon, where you will find the Venster Restaurant on your left side. Drive through Caledon and then continue the R316 to Bredasdorp, via Napier.

How do you get legendary bear claws? ›

Legendary Bear Claw: It can be obtained by killing and skinning the Legendary Bharati Grizzly Bear.

How do you get the bear claw? ›

The Bear Claw Talisman can be obtained from hunting and skinning the Legendary Bear.

How do I get to Lung Ha Wan Country Trail? ›

The Lung Ha Wan Country Trail is a circular loop that starts and ends at Tai Au Mun Road in Clear Water Bay. To get to the starting point, you have a few options: Green minibus 103M from Tsuen Kwan O MTR Station. Green minibus 16 from Po Lam MTR Station.

How do I get to the Arctic Circle Trail? ›

Kangerlussuaq is located North of the Arctic Circle, and the August sun sets around 11pm. Most hikers start the Arctic Circle Trail directly from Kangerlussuaq, hiring a taxi to the trailhead and walking West towards the coast.

Where is the new Ansel Path trails in the sky? ›

The New Ansel Path is a road south of the City of Bose that leads directly to the Valleria Lakeshore straight down south. The road consists of mainly a straight road with some surrounding wildlife like trees and plants. The Amberl Tower can be reached by going down this road.

How do I get to Blue Mountain Peak? ›

Blue Mountain Peak via Mavis Bank

From Mavis Bank, walk to the east side of town and take the road heading north to Robertsfield. This road is next to the Anglican Church. Walk the road a short distance to a well used constructed trail heading down hill. This trail leads down to the Yallahs River.

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