UNLIMITED NANITES in No Man's Sky - Legit FREE to Use Runaway Mould Nanite Farm (2023)


UNLIMITED NANITES in No Man's Sky - Legit FREE to Use Runaway Mould Nanite Farm

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Hey gamers welcome back to another, no man's sky video.

I hope that everybody is doing absolutely fantastic today and in today's video I'm going to give you guys another option to legitimately make a ton of nanites yeah I mean you can see how many nanites I've been able to generate with some of the things that I've been talking to you guys about.

If I can do it, you guys can do it as one.

If you guys want to make money, then go ahead and check out some of my other videos, but if you guys are enjoying these types of videos make sure you guys go and like comment and subscribe down below.

It would help me out a lot and is greatly appreciated, but it also helps you guys because it will help others that are looking for this type of information.

If you just spend a couple seconds of your time, probably clicked it faster than I just spoke, so let's just be honest there, but anyway, let's get into today's video there's a couple things that I do need to get for warning about number one.

You do have to have access to all 16 of the glyphs and have found yourself a portal pretty much all these videos kind of start.

That way, honestly, if you want to get around in no man's sky, I recommend that you guys do it anyway.

You can go to the travelers or you can just complete the main story and then get all of your 16 glyphs.

I'm not going to show you guys how to do that in this video, and then I want to let you guys know that there's going to be a ton of different farms that you guys will be able to go to when you get there, so you guys can choose whatever one you want, but I'm going to show you guys the one that I prefer and it's actually not even that far away from the portal that we will arrive at and also do keep in mind that the place that we're going to be traveling to is has a lot of storms that are superheated.

So, if you're not well equipped.

For that, then maybe don't make this journey quite yet, but just be warned about that.

But anyway, I'm gonna go ahead and input the um, the code that we need to go to in order to actually get to the plan that we want to go to to get a ton of nanites and what we're doing obviously, is the mold runaway farm uh.

So we got face, we got the bird we've got.

I don't know what this one was actually called anymore.

The ymca thing, the y: we got the bug, the atlas, the black hole, the ship, the starship, the y thing again, the sunset, and I think I no, I didn't mess up um and then we got the face and then we got the sunriser sunset again.

I thought I messed the sunset there for a second, but anyway you guys can go ahead and pause.

It uh rewind it.

If you guys need that full portal, our address and there you go so anyway, we will see you guys.

On the other side, it will just take a couple of moments depending on you know what your loading times are given on your console or pc, whatever you guys are playing on, and I am actually doing this with the multiplayer turned off, and then that way I don't have to like deal with other people.

So if you don't want to have to deal with other people, then by all means go ahead and disable your multiplayer as well really doesn't matter for this farm anyway.

Now, there's a couple of reasons that I'm going to go to a very specific one when we actually get here, um number, one being that um where's my ship, it's on the other side um.

It actually has portals like quick portals, that you can actually just teleport from and then go back and then the runaway mold will actually go ahead and respawn and it actually does have refiners there that you can actually use as well, which makes it really nice and convenient.

But you can see that there are quite a few of bases um that one is actually okay as well.

The eight ball, but the one that we're actually looking for is uh.

I guess rise, 18 refiners, plus mold farm.

I will tell you that it actually does not have 18 refiners, so they have taken some away over time have used them for whatever- or I maybe maybe I'm just dumb- and I don't know where they're at but I've looked everywhere around that specific base and there are some there, but there's definitely not 18 and they're all medium.

So you don't have to go ahead and bring your own fuel for it, because you can actually just input them right into the machine if you want to now.

There are a few bases that actually have carbon farms on them, which actually makes it really convenient.

So when you get over here, you're actually going to want to land up here where it says, nanite base number two and we will go ahead and initiate the landing sequence.

Oh yeah.

If you want to go to those farms and they have carbon um, some of them actually have all of the zero through nine storage.

So you guys can easily have access to your storage from anywhere, which really makes it really nice and convenient.

I've tried a lot of different ones, but I just kind of prefer this one, because this one is the only one that has these portals that are just kind of like that.

Teleport you away, so you come in here, you're, actually all covered, which is really really nice.

The only time that you won't be is when you go to do the portal, but you're only going to be out there for a few seconds anyway, and then the farm itself is right in here and you can see that we have all the runaway mold just kind of chilling out there and then all the um medium refiners are in here.

So definitely not 18.

I see six unless there's some missing that I just don't see or yeah.

I mean I've locked all the way around this base a few times, but it's possible.

I just missed it, and then you obviously have a portal to actually get out here.

So let's go ahead and kind of show you what I have done uh to get some of my nanites um.

You will get a full stack for this, which well, if you have an upgraded multi-tool anyway, and then you can actually just go ahead and start shooting at these things and they'll start coming.

All all of them will come down here, which is really fantastic.

It's kind of come off to the side here and we can harvest it now, depending on how you've upgraded your multi-tool will depend on how much you can actually how long you can do this, but typically I can actually harvest all this mold before I even get to a hundred percent.

You can see there we're actually generating quite a bit of mold and then I'll show you guys how much we're going to have in our inventory.

I guess I should have probably cleared out my inventory a little bit before this, and then we can actually go ahead and look at it now and go to the exo suit and uh a full stack and some, I think I must have had some in my inventory from before.

So I do apologize for that.

But typically I get a full stack every time that I do this and then we just kind of you know, run up here and then I would uh.

You know, start refining some.

So I would go ahead and throw a full stack in now.

A full stack will actually take a full, a 19 or full 20 minutes to actually complete, so you will be able to get way more than what this can handle within that 20 minutes.

So just be aware of that too.

So, if you want to go off to another place and let this thing kind of just work, I guess that's up to you.

We can go ahead and you know begin this, and now we only have 170 or something like my starship has some I was doing this before.

So I can't deny that I've got quite a bit here, but we could actually, you know, move some of that over if we want to and then we could actually go here and then come down over the starship.

You know there's some as well.

That makes it really nice convenient.

So it's really nice that people have put this out for other people to use.

I don't know who actually did this.

I guess I don't know how to tell who actually made it.

I'm guessing a guy's name is ryze, because it's that's kind of what it's named after, but um yeah.

So then you can do all this.

You'll start your oh, that you mean to split that stack but whatever and then all you need to do is come through this portal and then keep walking oops kind of keep walking forward, walk down here and then this is the last one and then you just kind of come back which, like I said this is one of the only bases that I have found.

That actually has that and then, when you teleport back up here, all of the mold is back, and then you can just kind of just rinse and repeat everything that you just got done doing.

You just sit down here and kind of shoot, all the mold.

Let it come down to you if it's a runaway and do all this and pretty easy peasy but yeah, it's a nice way to make a ton of nanites really quickly and you just have to wait around.

You know the longest part is waiting around for the 19 minutes, but there are some bases that have more refiners than this.

One definitely does but, like I said, the only thing that they have access to is the teleportation or what you'd have to do is go like up to this.

You know use that space go up to the space station and then use your long-range uh portal and then just kind of come back and forth from it, and then that would regenerate stuff too so or you can sell the mold, which you're not going to get a lot of money for you're going to get more from the cobalt anyway.

But anyway, if you guys enjoyed today's video, you know what to do like comment and subscribe down below.

It would help me out a lot and is greatly appreciated and honestly guys.

I will see you in the next one bye-bye.


What is the most efficient nanite farm in NMS? ›

One of the most efficient ways to farm nanites in No Man's Sky is by killing Sentinel Interceptors and collecting their Hyaline Brain drops. Each Hyaline Brain is worth 260 nanites, making it a highly valuable item for players looking to quickly accumulate this valuable currency.

Where can I buy runaway mold? ›

Runaway Mould can be purchased and sold at Galactic Trade Terminals and NPCs for a profit. This item can be received from encrypted missions at the Nexus.

What is living slime used for? ›

Living Slime
Blueprint Value20.0
Used forUpgrading, Refining
4 more rows

Does mold grow in the wild? ›

Outdoors, molds play a part in nature by breaking down dead organic matter such as fallen leaves, dead trees and other debris; however, indoors mold growth should be avoided. There are many types of mold – all of them need water or moisture to grow.

What is the most useful farm in NMS? ›

Chlorine farming isn't the only way to farm items in No Man's Sky, but it's one of the best methods if you're a beginner. Chlorine farming is particularly useful because you only need a few refiners and easy-to-access resources to make millions of Units quickly.

What gives you the most nanites in nms? ›

Killing Sentinel Drones and Heavy Drones yields Combat Supplies, which yield Nanites and Salvaged Glass, which yields Upgrades, which can be sold for Nanites. Rapidly killing large amounts of Sentinels is very profitable, rivaling the starship scrapping strategy.

What is the most valuable thing to grow NMS? ›

Here are the minimum number of resources required to set up a self-sustaining farm for one of each of the higher-end Advanced Agricultural Products, with highest possible yield per hour: The best value is Living Glass as it grows much more rapidly as both Liquid Explosive and Circuit Board grow in roughly 24 hours.

What items refine into Nanites? ›

Farming Curious Deposits. Occasionally, you may come across planets that have clusters of large, round objects, usually found on hills. These things are called Curious Deposits, and when you mine them, they give you lots of Runaway Mould. This resource can be refined into Nanites.

How do you get Nanite Clusters fast? ›

You can find Nanites lying around while you're exploring, like searching for abandoned buildings and various other PoIs on planets. Always search through Damaged Machinery when you see it while exploring, it has a chance to drop Nanites. Sentinel can drop Nanites when they are destroyed.

How do you farm Nanite Clusters? ›

You'll get Nanite Clusters. Completing missions, exploring planets, searching destroyed Sentinels all yield Nanite Clusters. The real challenge is collecting enough to get all the S-Class upgrades you'll need to make exploration even easier.

What gives the most nanites no mans sky? ›

Fighting Sentinels

Killing Sentinel Drones and Heavy Drones yields Combat Supplies, which yield Nanites and Salvaged Glass, which yields Upgrades, which can be sold for Nanites. Rapidly killing large amounts of Sentinels is very profitable, rivaling the starship scrapping strategy.

What gives Nanites no man's sky? ›

You can get some nanites by scanning planets and finding all the creatures on those planets. It used to be that you could simply scan everything and get nanites for each Flora, Fauna, and resource you find.

Where is Nanites farm? ›

Marko Valt´s Nanite Farm is an Oskar1up base, located on the planet RSS Nanite Wonka Balls in the Vivianu-Mit system.

Are there infinite worlds in no man's sky? ›

The universe of “No Man's Sky” is gigantic with over 18 quintillion – or 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 – possible planets to visit. People can travel through the universe, upgrading weapons and spaceships, discovering new plant species, animals or even planets then naming them.

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